Danger,  Interpretation

Dreaming of being kidnapped

Dreaming of a kidnapping

The dream has different interpretations depending on whether it is our action or an action suffered.

Dreaming of kidnapping in general is a bad omen, it denotes injustices suffered, unresolved difficulties and false judgments about us.

Dreaming of being kidnapped is a good omen: in fact, a new and fruitful encounter or the fulfillment of an ancient desire awaits us.

Dreaming of being kidnapped can represent the trauma of detachment for a woman. The child may simply have grown up and this dream may represent the fear that he may be emotionally distancing himself from her.

This is similar if we are talking about the kidnapping of a loved one, a relative of the boyfriend or girlfriend.

For a man, on the other hand, abducting a woman certainly has implications in the sexual sphere and denotes a perverse desire for possession and violent control over a situation that appears to be uncontrollable.

Dreaming of escaping from a kidnapping represents our reaction to a violence suffered but never faced.

If we are the ones to kidnap in the dream, this announces problems in the couple relationship.

  • Kidnapping a child: problems with children
  • Kidnap an animal: your passion will turn out to be a flash in the pan. See also Dreaming of an animal
  • Alien abduction: a mystery will be solved
  • Kidnappers arrested: money in sight