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Dreaming of being pregnant

Dreaming of being pregnant is a very frequent dream, especially in women who are at the beginning of pregnancy or are planning it: it can reflect their hopes and fears. But certainly this dream is also very common for women who have no desire to become mothers, pregnancy in dreams has various meanings, including metaphorical ones

Meaning of pregnancy in dreams

  • CREATIVITY, new ideas and projects you are working on.
  • MATURATION, inner evolution
  • RECURRING DREAM: Why do I always dream of being pregnant? Many women ask themselves this; maybe some will tell you that it is good, others that it is bad…. do not listen to these popular interpretations: the dream can occur repeatedly in certain periods of intense creativity (new ideas and projects), but there could also be other psychological reasons. The emotions experienced are very varied, and also depend on the situation and age in which the woman is. For some, in fact, dreaming of being pregnant can be a bad dream, a nightmare, especially if you are young and it would be premature to get pregnant.

Being pregnant and dreaming of losing the baby, pregnancy at risk

  • Dreaming of being pregnant and losing blood, having bleeding, fear of losing the baby
  • Dreaming of being pregnant and feeling bad, having pain, having a high-risk pregnancy, with complications.
  • Dreaming of being pregnant and having an abortion, giving birth to a dead, sick, premature baby, having labor, losing the waters

Some studies have found that the more distressing and frequent the dreams are, the shorter the labor will be. In fact, it seems that these nightmares help to release stress, to metabolize fear, making the woman feel more emotionally prepared for the birth.

Dreaming of being pregnant with a big belly

Dreaming of being pregnant and seeing your belly bigger, caressing it, touching it, and feeling that the baby moves and kicks. Then maybe do the ultrasound and be told that it is a boy or a girl.

PREMONITION: In some cases it may be a premonitory dream; some women dream of being pregnant and then discover they really are; the body communicated the pregnancy in the dream, and the woman had a vision of it before an actual medical diagnosis. The dream can also already predict the sex of the unborn child (male or female).

The dream can represent your desire to get pregnant, even though you may know it is not possible. If, on the other hand, you are not experiencing or planning a pregnancy, the dream can be interpreted in a metaphorical sense:

  • ‘Gestation’ of new ideas, preparation of new projects.
  • psychic evolution: it could therefore mean that you are maturing, your personality is evolving. Pregnancy can allude to a renewal: energy is recovered to be born into a new life.

Dreaming of being pregnant without a belly

If you are really pregnant (or are thinking about it) it may indicate that, perhaps in your unconscious, you are rejecting some aspects of pregnancy, perhaps related to physical change.
Or it may indicate that the dream must be interpreted metaphorically as a symbol of psychic evolution, maturity, rebirth; or as an ongoing project, a new idea to be implemented.
Or that there is a ‘problem that cannot be seen’ inside you: perhaps you are worrying too much about issues that are not so important after all. Maybe you are going through a time when you need more affection and attention.

Dreaming of a false pregnancy, a ‘false’ pregnancy: telling everyone that you are pregnant and then realizing that you are wrong, that you are not really pregnant warns you against having spoken too soon, without being sure. It can also indicate little trust in your partner.

Dreaming of unwanted pregnancy

Dreaming of being pregnant can be experienced as a nightmare, it can reflect the fear of the possibility of an unwanted pregnancy. Young girls (even virgins) can have this dream in conjunction with the awareness of their sexual maturity, lived with a sense of guilt, shame. Women and girls who live a clandestine sexual relationship, which they do not wish to make public, often dream of taking the pregnancy test and having a positive result: this terrifies them because pregnancy makes clear what they want to keep hidden.
On the other hand, even a boy can dream that his girlfriend is pregnant and be in a panic, because he is not ready to face such a responsibility

In dreams, an unwanted pregnancy can be a metaphor (for both men and women) of a change that you are unprepared to face; or projects that you are carrying out, but that you did not really want to carry out: there is something that you are carrying out, perhaps successfully, but that you perceive as negative for you; it’s not what you really want, or at least it doesn’t convince you completely. Similarly, dreaming of wanting to have an abortion can refer to the abandonment of a project or its failure to implement.

Dreaming of being pregnant and not knowing who the father is

Being pregnant with the boyfriend you like or your boyfriend can be a nightmare if you are not ready for such a step; even worse is if, in addition to being pregnant, you are not sure who the father is: you may be pregnant with another man, perhaps your ex, or have no idea.

This may reflect your anguish about sexual relationships that you don’t really want, that you aren’t ready to have yet. Or more generally it could be an invitation to be more prudent and responsible, not to act lightly, not necessarily in relation to your sexual or emotional conduct.

Dreaming of a pregnancy of a friend or sister

Seeing in a dream that another person is waiting for a child (friend, colleague, sister-in-law, girlfriend, sister, wife, partner, daughter …): also in this case the dream can be premonitory: if you have a strong bond with that person, it may be that there is some kind of bond even in dreams, so you can ‘see’ her future motherhood.

Dreaming of being pregnant in menopause

Dreaming of being pregnant in menopause, at 50, 60 years old, means that your psyche is adapting to this new phase of your life and the changes it entails. Live in the dream what you know will no longer be possible at your age.

Dreaming of being pregnant with two or more twins

Considering all we have said, try to understand what pregnancy can mean in your dream and what emotions you felt (anxiety, fear, happiness); the fact that the pregnancy is twins (or multiple twins) amplifies the sense of the dream.