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Dreaming of blood

Blood is a vital liquid, it is the vital flow that flows in us, in our veins, which gives us warmth and energy. Hardly the dreams in which blood appears are pleasant dreams; the sight of blood creates anxiety and worry.

Meaning of blood in dreams:

  • Suffering: both physical and moral
  • Libido, sexual desire
  • Anger
  • Power
  • Love: sacrifice, family ties, fraternity and the covenant

Dream of bright red, black, dark blood
In dreams, bright red blood usually refers to love, to passion; the blood that flows with violence, or that suddenly bursts out, indicates that you are experiencing very intense emotions, difficult to control. Dreaming of dark red, almost black, coagulated blood (perhaps clotted, coagulated and almost dry) can refer to possible physical diseases or, more metaphorically, to an extinguished vital energy.

Dreaming of bleeding:

Dreaming of losing so much blood can indicate that you feel tired and lacking in energy; or that you are losing esteem and confidence in yourself. Blood loss can also indicate sacrifices you need to make. This dream can also announce a physical illness.

Pregnant women often dream of having leaks or bleeding, or giving birth in a sea of ​​blood: the dream is given by the stress of pregnancy and the fear of childbirth, but blood also represents the great energy of the new life that is growing within them.

If in the dream are other people bleeding (eg your boyfriend, your child) or being covered in blood, it is likely that you perceive these people as fragile, in need of help (physical, material, or spiritual)

It is important to see where the blood comes from in the dream; dreaming of losing blood from a specific organ or part of the body may be due to physical disorders in that part; otherwise:

  • Blood from a wound, from a cut: maybe someone hurt you, made you suffer, treated you badly.
  • Blood from the mouth: it can indicate loss of power; dream of coughing, spitting, or vomiting blood means you waste your energy unnecessarily.
  • Blood from the nose: even in this case, it can indicate loss of power, or emotional wounds due to injuries suffered.
  • Blood from the head: loss of mental energy.
  • Blood from the teeth, from the gums: loss of tenacity and vitality; fatigue.
  • Blood from the eyes: it can indicate that you feel anger, or pain for something you have seen.
  • Blood from the ass, from the anus: fear of letting go.
  • Blood from the private area: many women dream of bleeding while making love; may arise from fears related to sexuality
  • Blood in the urine: it is painful for you to express your emotions, letting yourself go is a bit difficult.
  • Blood in the stool: you have freed yourself from impurities, but you have also lost vital energy.
  • Dreaming of drinking blood, sucking blood
    These dreams indicate that you have a great need to revitalize yourself. Your vital energies are exhausted, and now you try to quickly fill the losses.