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Dreaming of fire or flames

Dreaming of fire is a very common dream; fire is a male principle connected to creation and psychic energy; it can show itself with a double face: on the one hand it is a source of heat, health, light, well-being, energy; on the other hand, when it flares up, it brings death, destruction and damnation

Fire has always been very important for man: the discovery of fire has been decisive for human evolution; it allowed the development from a primitive state to the birth of civilization.

Since ancient times, fire has been present in many myths and legends: for example, think of the myth of Prometheus, who stole fire from the gods to bring it to humanity, and who was then severely punished for this. This demonstrates how fire is connected to an idea of superior, higher spiritual knowledge and strength, to which man has had access only from a certain moment, with pain and sacrifice, and after having openly defied laws and taboos. .

Fire is an element connected to inner spirituality, faith and divinity, and this is also evident from the role it plays in many religious ceremonies and in the very language of sacred books.

Meaning of fire in dreams

bonfire Psychic and spiritual energy, creativity, abundant and living inner resources that allow you to carry out your projects with ease and enthusiasm.
Passion: usually libido, passionate love (‘burning with passion’); also devouring and destructive passions, such as anger; but it can also refer to other types of passions (love for art, politics, mystical-religious fervor, etc.).
Transformation, purification, renewal: think, for example, of the myth of the phoenix.
Love, affection, human warmth, sharing, family harmony (fireplace, hearth).
Danger associated with risky activities.

Fire as a recurring dream

For many people, fire is a recurring dream: this can be caused by a trauma related to fire, or, in a psychological sense, the need to free oneself and renew oneself, or the need to express one’s anger more. The are may also have a physical origin (for example, when you are hot, fever, inflammation)

Fire according to Jung
For Jung, fire represents the process of psychic renewal. Just as the alchemist uses fire to transform metal into gold, in the same way fire is a symbol of inner transformation: it purifies the waste of the past and gives light and spiritual truth. It is the eternal flame in the temple of the soul.

Dreaming of a beautiful live fire
Looking at a beautiful live fire with pleasure indicates enthusiasm, success. Generally, if the fire you see does not frighten you, if it appears under control and limited in a contained area, then it is a symbol of your inner psychic energy, the one that allows you to transform and evolve.

Fire in the fireplace
The fire in a fireplace is a closed fire, which unites the male and the female: it is a symbol of family and the harmony of the couple. Dreaming of the fire lit in the fireplace means contentment, warmth, comfort, happiness in the relationship with your partner. Dreaming of lighting the fire in the fireplace indicates that there is passion and desire in you; if you are single, maybe you will start a relationship. If, on the other hand, the fire in the fireplace is extinguished, it indicates lack of love, estrangement, disinterest, neglect.

Dreaming of fire on you

  • Dreaming of fire on you, which burns you: dreaming of catching fire indicates that a great passion is consuming you inside; perhaps anger or strong love desire. Beware of arguments and anger: they could cause a detachment, a separation. Dreaming can also be caused by fever or physical inflammation.
  • Dreaming of a fire that does not burn: being enveloped in flames, without being burned, can announce physical healing, purification, a new beginning.
  • Crossing the fire unscathed: thanks to your determination, you will arrive at your goal, despite risks and difficulties.

Dreaming of putting out the fire

Turn off the fire: it may indicate the need to calm down, to take a little rest, to save energy.
Fire that goes out: poverty, lack of energy. love that is about to end, poor health, depression

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