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Dreaming of getting married

There are really a lot of dreams about marriage; dreaming of getting married, of course, can indicate the desire to unite forever with your loved one or, if you are single, to find a stable and lasting bond. If you are really getting married, this dream can often occur, and betray some normal stress due to the preparations. However, this dream can have more symbolic meanings, because it also happens to people who are already married, or who do not think about marriage at all.

Meaning of marriage in dreams:

According to popular interpretation, dreaming of a wedding would be bad, but this belief has no real foundation. From a psychological point of view, marriage in dreams can represent:

  • Need to unify and harmonize opposite tendencies of your personality. Dreaming of getting married therefore indicates the need to ‘come to terms’ also with what you find it hard to accept yourself, to achieve a deep harmony that allows you to be a more complete, rich, balanced person.
  • Union of male and female, of reason and feeling, of will and imagination, opposite elements present in each of us: this is very positive, because it announces a phase full of ideas and creativity.
  • A new situation, a new phase in your life, perhaps lived with a little anxiety.
  • A good deal that goes through.
  • Need to live up to your commitments: perhaps you have duties to observe towards the person you dream of marrying.
  • Positive relationship with a person who makes you feel good. For example, if you dream of getting married to your father, your brother, or your friend, this represents the close bond you have with them.

Dreaming of getting married again

If you dream of getting married again to the same person you are currently married to, this manifests the solidity and goodness of your union. So, if an already married man dreams of remarrying with his wife, for the second time, it is a very positive dream.

Dreaming of getting married to another man, or to another woman

I dreamed of getting married to a woman other than my wife / partner / girlfriend, with a man other than my husband / partner / boyfriend: this dream can also be repeated more than once; dreaming of getting married to someone other than the current one may indicate that something is wrong with your husband / wife: maybe you are missing something, you don’t feel satisfied. It is necessary to rediscover the harmony of a couple, and to do this you will have to get out of habits and try to see your partner in a new light; try to seize opportunities to make new experiences together, get to know each other better, cultivate deep emotions.
I dreamed that my husband / partner / boyfriend is getting married to another, that my wife / girlfriend / partner is getting married to another: try to think about the person with whom you are getting married; maybe she has the characteristics that you would like to have. There is something you feel lacking in. This dream questions yourself and your qualities more than the couple relationship itself.

Dreaming of getting married to a stranger

If you dream of getting married to a stranger, or a person you cannot see, to understand who he is, it means that probably, as already mentioned, you need to find harmony and union with aspects of your personality that you struggle to accept and accept inside you, and that maybe you have to try to explore and get to know better.

Dreaming of getting married to the ex – boyfriend

If you dream of getting married to your ex-boyfriend, or ex-husband / wife, this can mean that you understand what was wrong with that relationship and that you will not make the same mistakes. However, it can also indicate that you still like certain aspects of your / your ex’s character and are looking for them in your current romantic relationships.

Dreaming of a marriage that goes wrong, ruined, disastrous
ruined marriage

Dream marriage is not always successful; on the contrary, it is perhaps more frequent to dream of an ugly, ruined, failed, horrible marriage; all kinds of disasters can happen, from the rain, to the church that is on fire, and then quarrels and various unexpected events; you will feel unhappy to see that everything is going so badly, maybe you will cry. Here are the typical ‘nightmare wedding’ situations:

  • Dreaming of marriage without a groom or bride: he / she does not show up, and your anguish grows; who has thought better of it? without husband, nobody shows up, being alone, bridegroom doesn’t show up,
  • Dreaming of unorganized, sudden marriage, getting married quickly, perhaps even without witnesses and guests, in secret; maybe even without a wedding dress but in jeans, in pajamas, or with a dress that you don’t like.
  • Dreaming of being late for the wedding and various mishaps: the bride is without a wedding dress, the groom does not find the pants, you get married without shoes or with punctured shoes, then you happen to lose the wedding rings, to be without a bouquet, to get married in the cemetery instead of in the church, etc. etc

All these dreams are usually a symptom of some stress; if you are really organizing your wedding, don’t worry, it is normal to have these types of dreams; this is due to the tension of the preparations. Otherwise, if you are not planning weddings, this could indicate that in your life there is some problem to solve, some conflict that does not make you feel good takes away serenity.

To dream of an arranged, forced, unwanted marriage

arranged, forced marriage You must necessarily marry an unloved person; you feel unhappy and feel anguish, go to the altar unwillingly; in the end you say no, and run away. If you dream of being forced to marry, this probably indicates that in your life you feel forced to take steps too big for you; maybe you don’t feel ready for certain responsibilities, or there is someone who forces you to do things you don’t want to do.

Dreaming of getting married with black dress, black shoes

If you dream that your wedding dress is white, this expresses both your inner purity and the novelty that is happening to you. If instead your wedding dress is black, or you have a white dress and black shoes, this indicates that you are not comfortable, that you are not happy with the situation you are experiencing. If you dream of getting married with a red, orange, pink, yellow dress…. see the meaning of the single color to understand what it can mean.

Dreaming about the marriage of other people (of a relative, a friend, etc.)

If you dream that a friend or relative (brother, sister, son / daughter, etc.) or even strangers get married, be careful how the ritual proceeds: everything goes smoothly? Or do unexpected things happen? Besides, how do you feel? happy? worried? sad? If the marriage is not going well, or if you have negative feelings, there is probably something that is not going well in your life. If, on the other hand, everything goes smoothly and you are happy, then a new phase of your life is approaching, there will be changes.
Dreaming of a gay, lesbian marriage: it can represent the desire for homosexual marriage to be recognized, or more metaphorically a need for acceptance and love.

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