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Dreaming of God our Lord

What does it mean to dream of God?

The presence of Our Lord in dreams could represent a particularly difficult period where we feel the need to cling to someone who supports us regardless of the problem, it could symbolize a need for hope, in an off period. Again we may have made a mistake and the image of God tries to remind us of our mistakes.

God in dreams:

The figure of God, in dreams it reflects your inner voice very well, the one we do not listen to easily, in short, a figure who judges us, who consoles, who protects, is a sign of hope, based on what we are actually believers.

Dreaming of God speaking to you:

Our conscience is a great talker, only we have learned to silence it when it comes to acting, so while we sleep we involuntarily open that tap, and the flowing water has a vague taste of the unconscious. Focus on the words God addresses to you, they may be important to understand some things.

Dreaming of angry God:

You have made some mistakes, and your conscience reminds you that every action has its consequence.

Dreaming of a smiling God:

This image could reflect an inner balance, it is a positive period, keep it up.

Dreaming of being God:

It is likely that you are full of self-esteem, such that you feel more important than others, alternatively you play a role of power that you abuse.