Dream about hair

In dreams, hair is a symbol of strength, health, energy, youth. The hair symbolizes the strength tamed by reason and will, a symbol of primitive and instinctive energy. Hair is also a symbol of seduction (for women) and virility (for men).

Meaning of hair in dreams:

  • Strength, energy, health: do you remember Samson’s story? His strength lay in her hair.
  • Sensuality, physical attraction: according to Freud, hair has a sexual meaning and can be a phallic symbol. Furthermore, female hair expresses beauty and seduction; this is why in some cultures it is mandatory for women to cover their hair with a veil.
  • Will, thought, reason, wisdom: the hair is attached to the head, which is the seat of rational thought.

Dreaming of long, thick, beautiful and shiny hair:

  • Dreaming of lots of beautiful, thick, soft, shiny, clean and fragrant hair is an excellent omen; a beautiful hair is a sign of strength, energy, creativity, health.
  • Dreaming of very long hair, longer than in reality – you have a lot of ideas, or you are thinking a lot about something or someone. Long hair is also a symbol of sexual potency.
  • Dreaming of straight, straight hair – order, simplicity, calm, sweetness, clear ideas.
  • Dreaming of curly, wavy, curls – sensuality, enjoyment, wealth, fantasy

Dreaming of blonde, brown, red, black, white hair:

  • Dreaming Dark, black hair: love, passion, sensuality, mystery.
  • Dreaming Blond hair – innocence, kindness, ideal beauty.
  • Dreaming Brown hair – sincerity, friendship, seriousness.
  • Dreaming Red hair: jealousy, malice, audacity, passion, vitality, madness.
  • Dreaming Gray, white hair – they are a symbol of wisdom and dignity. Can indicate that you have many thoughts and worries, or that you are afraid of getting old.
  • Dreaming of having all white hair can mean that you have suddenly realized something, you have come to a ‘truth’.
    Green, purple, light blue, blue, pink, yellow hair etc: see the meaning of the single color.
  • Dreaming of having colored hair of various colors, with streaks of many colors – you have a lot of imagination and creativity, you are bright, outgoing and lively.
  • Dreaming of dyeing your hair, changing color, dyeing yourself, having hair of another color: it expresses renewal of your personality, you want to give a new image of yourself.

Dreaming of having tousled, damaged, dirty, untidy hair:

  • Dreaming of disheveled, tangled, untidy, disheveled, knotted hair – you are confused, you have unclear ideas.
  • Dreaming of damaged, weak, dry hair with split ends – a period of tiredness and weakness.
  • Dreaming of dirty, greasy, greasy hair, with dandruff, which stinks – low self-esteem,

Dreaming of washing, combing your hair:

  • Dreaming of washing or combing your hair – you are trying to put your thoughts in order, clarify your ideas, have a new look at things.
  • Dreaming of hair gathered in a ponytail, with braids, with chignon: order, determination, cleanliness, rigor.
  • Dreaming of loose hair – truth, spontaneity.
  • Dreaming of dreadlocks – they represent rejection of social conventions.
  • Dreaming of combing someone’s hair – you want to establish a bond with this person, you are affectionate and protective of them.

Dreaming of losing hair, hair falling out:

You can dream about locks of hair that remain in your hand while you comb; or see them detach and fall to the ground. It is a very common dream and, according to popular interpretation, it would predict diseases, failures, misfortunes. On the other hand, from a psychological point of view, the dream of losing hair generally arises from the fear of ‘castration’: this means that you have a certain power (in the professional, emotional or sexual sphere) and you are afraid of losing it.

Dreaming of cutting your hair:

Dreaming of cutting your hair yourself, or at the hairdresser: if in the dream you yourself cut or decide to have your hair cut, this indicates that there is something in your way of thinking that needs to be renewed; you need to change the order of ideas. Trying a new cut indicates that you want to experiment with new situations and social roles, give a new image of yourself.

Other dreams about hair:

  • Dreaming of hair that is on fire, that burns – in Japan it is said to be a sign of imminent madness. I think this dream is a warning not to come up with crazy and risky ideas.
  • Dreaming of fake hair, wig – you are not authentic; either you want to pass for what you are not, or in any case you are not sincere with yourself.
  • Dreaming of eating hair, of finding it in food, in pasta, in bread – something boring and unpleasant is taking away the pleasures of life.
  • Dreaming of hair in the mouth, between the teeth, in the throat – annoyances, impediments.

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