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Dreaming of horses

The horse is an animal that often appears in dreams, especially in those of children; dreaming of a horse is generally about your vital resources, your physical, psychic and spiritual energies, your instinctive drive towards life lived fully, with energy, enthusiasm and freedom.

RECURRING DREAM: it can happen to often dream of horses in stages of life in which, just like in childhood, you have to explore the world, embark on new adventures and, like a knight of the past, you have to prove your courage skills. The horse is a symbol of energy, power and dynamism.

Meaning of the horse in dreams:

  • Freedom, travel, adventure: this is the first thing that comes to mind when we see a horse running free in nature, with its mane in the wind.
  • Nobility, valor, prowess: the horse is the animal of the knight, a noble warrior, courageous and loyal to his master.
  • Dignity, elegance, beauty: the horse expresses all this in the grace of its movements.
  • Vigor, impetus, physical strength, dynamism, sometimes irrepressible energy that must be given vent. According to Jung, the horse is an expression of the force of nature; it is as if the horse concentrates in itself the energies of the four natural elements: earth, air, water and fire.
  • Unconscious human instinct: a herd of free and wild horses represents deep impulses and unfiltered emotions; in the horse-rider couple, the horse represents instinct, while the rider is the reason that manages to hold it back and guide it in the right direction. If you manage to tame your ‘wild horse’, to make it sit still and meek, to caress it, this means that you are in balance with yourself.
  • Madness, fury: the horse is a very fearful and suspicious animal, even the most meek can easily go wild. Madness, irrationality, fury are often concepts represented with an angry horse (think for example of the horseman of the Apocalypse).
  • Passions, sensuality, fertility: the horse is often associated with eros, the desire to possess physically; for Freud, the act of riding in dreams represents intercourse.
  • Spirituality, divinity, grace: the horse is a light-bearing animal associated with the sun and lightning. It can appear to guide and comfort, like a messenger who lights your path.
  • Death, destruction, war: the horse can also be associated with these more negative concepts, because it is a war animal; the first soldiers on horseback spread terror in battle. The Romans every year sacrificed a horse to Mars, the god of war.

Dreaming of a white, black, brown horse:

  • Dreaming of a white horse – completely white horses are rarer and more valuable, the mount of noble knights, princes and kings. Mythical horses like Pegasus, or the magical Unicorn, are completely white. In the dream the white horse is a symbol of great purity and nobility, it brings divine light and grace into your life.
  • Dreaming of a black horse: it expresses deep passions, sensuality, mystery and hidden sides of the personality (the Shadow).
  • Dreaming of a brown horse – it represents the need to relax and abandon yourself to nature.

Dreaming of a horse running, jumping, flying:

  • Dreaming of a horse running free and wild manifests your desire for freedom, to go ‘at full speed’, without constraints, along the road you feel yours. A racehorse running at a gallop also has a similar meaning; dreaming of a racehorse race can represent your competitive instinct.
  • Dreaming of a horse jumping obstacles – it is an excellent omen for your projects; you will be able to overcome difficulties, as long as you always maintain confidence in yourself and the ability to listen to your instincts.
  • Dreaming of a flying, winged horse – you need to elevate yourself spiritually, to explore all your possibilities, to go far. See also dreaming of flying.

Dreaming of a runaway horse, kicking, running away, chasing you:

  • Dreaming of a horse that runs without you being able to stop it indicates that you have been dragged by passions; you should moderate yourself.
  • Dreaming of a runaway, crazed, kicking horse: your rationality is weak and emotions prevail; you could be knocked down. You can also interpret this dream as an image of rebellion: what can’t you tame? What could this crazy horse represent?
  • Dreaming of a horse chasing you, biting you, angry: a horse chasing you, furious and aggressive, can indicate, for women, problems with the opposite sex.
  • Being afraid of the horse can indicate that you are afraid of sexuality, of the male figure seen as aggressive; it can also be, more generally, your instinct that scares you
  • Dreaming of a horse running away, on the run – you have probably missed a good opportunity.

Dreaming of falling from a horse:

Dreaming of falling from a horse, of being thrown off the saddle can betray a certain nervousness regarding a project you care a lot about; more generally, it is a sign of insecurity: there is something ‘out of control’ in your life, something unpredictable.

Dreaming of a wounded, sick, dead horse:

If in your dream you have seen a wounded, sick, lame, suffering, tired horse, this most likely refers to your emotional state; if the horse falls, cries, is abused, mutilated or killed, it means that you are experiencing a situation of very strong discomfort; perhaps you are sacrificing yourself too much for others and are not listening to your needs; you have to run for cover before it’s too late. A dead or dying horse can, in this sense, be a warning to take better care of yourself, to satisfy your needs.Other dreams related to the horse

Other dreams related to the horse:

  • Dreaming of a horse that speaks: the horse in some ancient tales is an animal capable of telepathy and clairvoyance; listen carefully to what he tells you, it can be an important message that comes from your unconscious.
  • Dreaming of a big, giant, huge horse: the large size of the horse can refer to the importance of the dream message it expresses; try to analyze the feelings you have experienced to better understand the meaning of this dream.
  • Dreaming of a small horse, pony, foal, pony – it could represent a person you love very much (a child).
  • Dreaming of horses in the stable, tied up, in the enclosure – they represent tamed instincts.
  • Dreaming of a horse defecating, pooping – it’s time to express your emotions, don’t keep everything inside.
  • Dreaming of a horse swimming: according to the myth, it was Poseidon who created the horse, and he did it by taking a cue from the sea waves; this dream may indicate the need to reconnect with your unconscious, of which water is a symbol.
  • Dreaming of a horse pulling a cart or carriage: it can represent fatigue, stress, all the ‘weight’ you have to carry.
  • Dreaming of a horse with horns, unicorn: the horns reinforce the intuitive power of instinct expressed by the horse; the unicorn is also a symbol of purity, magic, innocence.
  • Dreaming of a rocking horse, a carousel of horses: they can recall childhood ideas and memories.