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Dreaming of making love or sex

Dreaming of making love is often a pleasant experience, but when you wake up you may be somewhat disconcerted; this depends above all on the identity of your sexual partner in the dream: it can be someone you are really attracted to; or maybe someone you don’t like at all in real life. Maybe he is a friend of yours, or someone of the same sex as you, and it amazes and upsets you. You reach the maximum disturbance when you dream of having sex with a relative or family member, or dreams of violent and extreme content, which in all probability when you wake up will deeply disgust you.

If you dream of making love with someone, it does not mean that the dream is necessarily the fulfillment of a desire; it does not mean that you are attracted, perhaps unconsciously, to that person. There are also other, more symbolic meanings. It is also necessary to evaluate, in addition to the partner, the sensations experienced in the dream (was it pleasant or not?) And the context in which it takes place.

Meaning of erotic and sexual dreams:

What does it mean to make love / sex in dreams:

  • Physical desire: fulfillment of erotic fantasies and continuation of conscious, unconscious, or repressed sexual thoughts.
  • Desire for love: if you are single, it can indicate that you are ready to meet a person to start a story, a love relationship.
  • Moment of fulfillment, relaxation: in stressful times, sex (like food) can represent a way to escape, to console oneself. Making love and enjoying, reaching orgasm can also express satisfaction, self-fulfillment, achievement of goals.
  • Admiration for that person, desire to integrate in yourself character traits, gifts, talents that that person possesses.
  • Union, harmony, closeness with the person with whom you make love: it can be a dear friend, a person with whom you share time, interests, passions.
  • Approach, reconciliation with that person, perhaps following a quarrel, a conflict or a separation.
  • Get creative: If you need to express your creative ideas, but it’s not possible at the moment, you may have an increase in sexual dreams.
  • Vital energy: the dream of making love can appear in difficult moments in life, for example. after an illness, an operation, a depressive crisis, bereavement, etc; it is a message that reminds you of love for life, attachment to life.

Dreaming of making love with your boyfriend or girlfriend, with a person you like:

Dreaming of making love with the person you like, with your boyfriend or girlfriend is a normal thing; when you love a person you also want them physically, and this attraction generates the dream. There is nothing particularly difficult in the interpretation of this dream: it simply means that you like that person, that you want to be with her, that things are going well in your relationship, there is union, understanding, desire.

Dreaming of making love for the first time:

It is a frequent dream in adolescents; it is often very engaging and enjoyable. However, it can happen not only to those who have no experience, but also to those who have already had complete sexual relations in reality. Dreaming of making love as if you were a virgin can represent your integrity and honesty.

Dreaming of making love with a stranger:

Dreaming of making love with a stranger, with a person whose face is hard to see, never seen before, etc.: these are dreams that indicate that your personality is growing; you are trying to integrate an undiscovered shadow side of you, to reconnect with a lost or neglected part of yourself. In adolescence and youth, these dreams are very common, and usually also very beautiful, intense, engaging: practically the perfect relationship.

If you dream of making love with an ugly man, it means that the “masculine” part of the personality is still developing and defining.
Dreaming of making love with a young and handsome man, for a mature woman can indicate the desire to rediscover something of her own youth.

Dreaming of making love with a person you don’t like:

This dream can also invite you to reflect on why this person is unpleasant and unpleasant to you: it may be that the character traits that you do not like about her are somehow also present in yourself, but that you have denied them and condemned them; maybe you should take them out to develop them in a positive sense (if possible).

Dreaming of making love with a friend or family member:

  • Dreaming of making love with a friend, with the best friend: it may be that you feel attracted to your friend, and that you don’t have the courage to tell him. But it may also be that the dream represents your deep knowledge with a sexual image, which only means that you have many interests in common, many things to tell each other, to share, and the desire to be even more together.
  • Dreaming of making love with a friend’s boyfriend: you probably like her character traits and you would like to have them, or you would like your future partner to have them. It can happen when the friend speaks very highly of her boyfriend, praises him a lot; in this way an unconscious attraction for this man is formed. The same is also true when a man dreams of making love with his friend’s girlfriend.
    Dreaming of making love with a family member: it is really shocking to dream of having sexual relations or attitudes with the father, the mother, the son / daughter, the brother / sister, or even with the cousin / a, the uncle /aunt. Do not live the dream with shame, because even in this case it can simply represent that this relative of yours has personality traits that you admire, that you would like to enhance. If there has been a quarrel or a separation, the dream can manifest the desire to forgive, get closer, mend the tear. Dreaming of making love with your father or mother can most likely occur in two crucial stages of life: in puberty, when you are about to become an adult yourself, and when you are about to become a parent yourself.

Dreaming of making love in three or more people:

This dream can indicate confusion, lack of a well-defined goal; you do not concentrate your energies in one direction but you disperse them following the passions of the moment.

Dreaming of making love with a celebrity:

It can indicate, of course, that you like this character a lot, but it can also mean that you feel you have a talent in common with him, or that you wish to be more successful, more popular and admired.

Dreaming of having homosexual sex:

It can indicate that you need to integrate the male or female characteristics that this partner represents into your personality. If it is a person you know, it can also be a dream of making peace with her, of union and harmony, of admiration.

Dreaming of seeing others making love:

Maybe you feel insecure on a sexual level and this dream is for you to explore some aspects of sexuality without direct involvement; it could also indicate a certain difficulty in letting go, even if desired.

Dreaming of making love in public, in secret, being discovered, not being able to:

  • Dreaming of making love in front of everyone, in public, in a crowd, on the street, in front of other people: it can indicate that you need to express yourself more freely, without inhibitions and fears of being judged.
  • Dreaming of making love in front of parents: father and mother represent your moral sense; if the parents are indifferent, it means that your super-ego accepts that situation; otherwise it means that there is something holding you back.
  • Dreaming of making love in secret and being discovered, being surprised, being interrupted: it can express difficulty in letting go, in expressing oneself freely.
  • Dreaming of wanting to make love but not succeeding: it can express fear of losing power, insecurity, low self-esteem, emotional block. It can also reflect real sexual problems (impotence).
  • Dreaming of making love with clothes: this dream also manifests insecurity and fear of expressing yourself; maybe you’re hiding something, you don’t want to get naked.
  • Dreaming of looking for a place to make love and not find it, having your period, menstruation, being without a condom, etc: indicates complexes and difficulties that block the expression of yourself

Dreaming of making love with animals:

Dreaming of having sexual relations with animals or half-animal men: these dreams are explained by the fact that they do not reflect your sexual tastes, but the need to integrate the characteristics expressed by the animal into yourself. Try to analyze the meaning of that specific animal in dreams

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