Dreaming of money, or coins

Dreaming of money and coins is very common and I am sure that you too are reading with curiosity to understand if seeing so much money in a dream means that you will also get it in reality. It is not really so, but do not be disappointed; often the money you see in a dream refers not to material riches but to your inner riches.

According to popular interpretation, this dream must be interpreted according to the rule of opposites; so when you dream of winning so much money, it means that you will have expenses; when instead you dream of losing money, it means that you will have the chance to earn lots of money. But above all we are interested in the psychological meaning that these dreams could have.

Meaning of money in dreams:

  • Personal resources, energies, values, talents to discover and cultivate, potential.
  • Personal ambitions, self-realization, self-esteem.
  • Time (there is also the proverb: time is money).
  • The moral debt, the sense of gratitude to someone can be represented by the duty to give him money
  • Needs, passions, desires can appear in dreams in the form of money; especially those that we can’t even admit to ourselves.
  • Sexual power: according to Freud, a man who dreams of having little money could suffer from insecurity about his manhood.
  • Dreaming of winning money, money given away, money earned
  • Dreaming of winning money (at slot machines, scratch cards): it represents your ambitions, the desire to emerge; this dream also denotes your optimism; you trust yourself and your abilities
  • Dreaming of inheriting money indicates that you can achieve everything you want without worries, with ease, because you have laid some excellent, very solid foundations.
  • Dreaming of receiving money, giving you money: it could mean that you need affection and attention.
  • Dreaming of earning a lot of money, receiving big checks, etc.: the money earned in dreams represents what you think you are worth; if you earn so much, it means that you have a lot of self-esteem; if you earn little, you have little confidence in yourself.

Dreaming of counting money
If you were counting money in your dream, it probably means that it is time for you to take stock, make important assessments.
If counting the money you realize that you are missing, it means that you probably feel the lack of something, you have suffered injustice, something is not how you feel it should be.

Dreaming of fake money, fake, out of course
If in your dream the money you see is out of course (for example, I am still in lira instead of in euro), or it is foreign money (for example, American dollars), then it means that there is a situation of blocking the your inner resources; there are obstacles that you will have to overcome, changes you will have to make (the “exchange” of the currency). If you dream of receiving fake money it means that you feel betrayed, you don’t trust your neighbor.

Dreaming of broken, burned, ruined money
Dreaming of burnt, punctured, ruined money, broken, torn, moldy, rotten notes can indicate bad management of your inner resources, your energy and your time; you do not take care of your “inner heritage” in the right way.

Dreaming of giving money, giving it back or lending it
In dreams money can represent an emotional exchange; for which giving and lending money is equivalent to giving affection; dreaming of giving someone back the money indicates that you feel indebted to that person; maybe there was a fight and you would like to recover the relationship.

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