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Dreaming of graduation or university exams?

We have seen that exam dreams are recurrent especially in people who have a very developed sense of self-criticism: they self-examine, they self-judge, and are very strict with themselves; nothing is forgiven. They are afraid that others will also judge them with the same severity that they exercise on themselves, so they are afraid of not being up to the situation, of being judged badly by others, of failing. They feel guilty and fear not to be loved if they fail to be successful, recognized, achieved.

Furthermore, these dreams, like all those in which school memories are relived, also arise from the nostalgia of one’s youth, in which one did not have the great responsibilities of adult life: those ‘good times’ in which, despite the pressure of interrogations, exams , homework, you were young, happy and carefree, and with your whole life ahead.

MEANING: This dream usually occurs in particularly stressful moments in life, when you feel oppressed by your duties, when you feel judged, you are afraid of failing, you are anxious to prove what you are worth. The dream occurs essentially for two reasons:

Consolation: The dream could be consoling and would therefore have the function of reassuring you, of freeing you from the fear of failing. It’s like he says to you, “Remember when you had to prepare for high school, how afraid were you? Yet you did it; also this time things will go well “. The difficulty of recognizing the dream as consoling is due to the fact that it presents both anguish and the consoling image in the same situation.

Action: the dream means that you have to ‘study’ more to get ‘prepared’; it is therefore an invitation not to waste time unnecessarily, because sooner or later the moment arrives when you will have to account for everything you have done or have not done. The dream therefore serves as a spur: remember that without commitment you will not be able to realize your ambitions. It may also want to remind you that you’ve been mature for a while, so you should act like an adult.

This dream can arise when you feel under scrutiny on a social level: you feel judged by others, you are afraid of disappointing people you love, you feel inadequate.

Dreaming of having to retake the graduation exam or some university exams: the same goes for the high school exam. If you dream of having to retake a university exam, it is almost always an exam that you have passed in reality; it is difficult to dream of unsuccessful exams; this is precisely because otherwise the dream would lose its consoling purpose.
Dreaming of having to retake the middle school exam: a less frequent variant of previous dreams.
Dreaming of having to retake the driver license exam: this dream can occur especially in people who have had a hard time learning to drive and take the driving test.

Dreaming of not yet having graduated

You can often dream of not having graduated yet and having to go back to school, to go to high school; or that you have not yet finished your university exams: you realize that in reality you still lack an exam, or even more exams, to graduate. You feel ashamed of this situation and feel guilty for noticing it only now; you are afraid that others think you have cheated.
MEANING: This dream also betrays social or work discomfort: insecurity, fear of not being up to the task, of being inadequate.

Dreaming of having to do military service again: the dream has a consoling intent similar to that of the dream of the final exam; often also in this case the dreamer knows that he has already done it once. Or he may also mean that ‘you have to go straighter’, be more disciplined.

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