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Dream about snakes

Dreaming of a snake is one of the most frequent dreams ever, the most common among those with “animal” theme.

For many people, snake arouse feelings of fear and disgust, or a real phobia, and you can’t even bear the sight. On the contrary, other people love snakes very much, taking care of them as pets. This aspect should be considered while interpreting the dream. Snakes are clearly dangerous animals but, no matter how disturbing they could be, we can’t deny that they are also bewitching creatures, gifted with hypnotic charm.

Snakes are reptiles, cold-blooded animals that move crawling on their belly and periodically change skin (sloughing). They appear in many myths and legends from all over the world linked to the concept of rebirth; in many cultures of the past, they have been the object of worship, and guardians of oracles (such as, for example, the oracle of Delphi). In India there are still temples dedicated to him. In Western culture, following the affirmation of the Christian religion, snakes mostly have a negative connotation, connected to the idea of sin and deception; but they have an ancient symbolism, extremely rich and fascinating, linked with dragons and sea monsters like the Leviathan.

  • According to popular saying, dreaming of a snake is considered a bad omen in many cases, except if you kill it; it is said that dreaming of a hissing snake announces the death of a family member; then, according to some, being bitten by a snake is a good sign, for others it is a bad sign.
  • According to Freud, snakes are one of the typical dream fantasies which represent the penis. Jung, on the other hand, interprets them as an expression of an inner conflict between conscious and unconscious, reason and instinct

Meaning of snake dreams :

  • Sexual power, fertility, force of nature that allows the perpetuation of the species. This meaning, linked to sexuality, can also be recognized in the biblical narration of Adam and Eve: the serpent is a symbol of sexual pleasure, of freedom of your own body, and also of your mind (knowledge).
  • Instincts, primitive vital impulses typical of past evolutionary stages, very far from consciousness.
  • Wisdom, inner psychic energy that allows rebirth, renewal, physical healing, but also spiritual well-being and enlightenment. Snakes are a symbol of medicine and health, common to many cultures around the world: for example, snakes are present in the Rod of Asclepius (symbol of medicine); two twisted serpents envelop the caduceus symbol of Mercury, the messenger of gods, mediator between the human and the divine.
  • An enemy, a false and deceitful person
  • Dreaming of an aggressive, threatening snake (like a rattlesnake, a viper, or other poisonous snake) that pulls out the tongue and hisses, means that there may be a danger you have not yet realized.
  • Dreaming of a snake crawling, chasing you, running after you, attacking you may mean that you are about to fall victim to deception, or that you are about to be seized with feelings of anguish and uncertainty;
  • Dreaming of a snake that bites you can represent the aggressiveness of which you feel victim, especially verbal aggression (criticism, insults, reproaches, etc.). It can also represent the aggressiveness that you can’t express, nor bring out; you should talk more, spit out ‘the poison’. At last, being bitten by a snake can also have a very positive meaning of physical or emotional ‘healing’: the poison, in this case, should be seen as the ‘serum’ that heals you.

Dream meaning of a snake shedding skin:

An inner change is coming, a new vital impulse. In ancient Egypt, snakes were a symbol of immortality because of their characteristic of shedding skin. It was believed that snakes, after shedding skin, could no longer die, unless of natural causes.

Dream meaning of snakes at home, in bed

As previously said, the snake is a symbol of sexuality: it represents the penis, or, with its sinuous movements, the feminine sensuality. Seeing it in a dream, especially in the bedroom, in bed, or under the bed, may be due to concerns related to sexuality: fears, feelings of guilt, desires, and (for men) need to assert their sexual potency.

Dreaming of a snake in the house, on the roof, on the ceiling, or in a room, can represent a threat that looms over your intimate and private life; it could be your enemy; But if the snake hides and runs away, all this negativity is moving away from you. Suddenly seeing a snake, appearing inside the house, may symbolize a manifestation of unconscious psychic energies that break in unpredictable ways.

Dream meaning of a dead snake

Dreaming of a dead snake, cut into pieces, with its head cut off, or dreaming of killing a snake may represent the end of negative influences and distressing emotions in your life; but it can also mean the loss of instinct.

Dream meaning of colorful snakes

  • black snake: black is the color of threat; it can also represent the unconscious and profound instincts.
  • white snake: in this case the white color can express a new possibility that you haven’t previously considered.
  • green snake: it may be a symbol of jealousy, envy, or even a deep connection with Nature.
  • red snake: red color emphasizes sexual energy.
  • blue snake: blue and light blue are colors that express spiritual energy.
  • yellow snake: it represents intellect, intuition
  • silver snake: it’s a good dream; it means that you are facing an inner transformation; this will lead you to greater wisdom and spiritual elevation.

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