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Dream about spiders

What does it mean to dream of a spider? Dreaming of spiders is a fairly common experience. According to popular interpretation, the spider in dreams brings luck, money, earnings; however the ancient interpreters considered the spider to be an unlucky presence in dreams: they said that if he walks on his face he announces misfortune, and if he weaves the web, falsehoods and lies await us.

the spider is an unpleasant animal; one is afraid that it may sting, that it may be poisonous; however, it is considered a harmful animal and many are afraid of it and disgust it, especially those suffering from arachnophobia (the phobia of spiders).

Meaning of the spider in dreams:

  • Female creativity: the spider is connected to weaving, female art par excellence. From this derives its symbolism connected to the woman who ‘builds’ life, who generates, who works. There was a widespread belief among American Indians in a Spider Goddess, a Great Weaving Mother who had created the world and connected all peoples with a large canvas in the sky.
  • Maternal or possessive female figure: for Freud the spider is a symbol of a suffocating and paralyzing mother, who denies her son the possibility of leaving the nest. Even for Jung, an overwhelming mother can appear in dreams in the form of a spider, because with all her ‘legs’ she holds her son too close to him. Even a ‘fatal’ woman can be represented as a spider: it is impossible for man to extricate himself from his illness.
  • Mystery of life, of creation, of destiny: the spider web that builds the spider, with its symmetry, geometric centrality, spiral structure and almost “hypnotic” is a symbol of the creation of the world and the interconnection of destinies, as well as of the individual progress that slowly comes to fruition.
  • Individualism, solitude: Jung sees the spider as a solitary and introverted animal because it closes in its web and isolates itself from the outside world.
  • Skill and patience in their work, artistic sense, precision, intelligence: the spider is an animal with a special talent: it is capable of weaving a canvas with a complex and perfect geometry. According to Greek mythology, Arachne was a young weaver who dared to challenge the goddess Athena in a weaving contest; the goddess punished her for her impudence by turning her into a spider.
  • The shadow: the spider can personify the hidden and dark sides of your personality.
  • Troubles, small and big problems of life that cause you stress.

Dream of many spiders at home, in bed, everywhere

Except for hallucinations, this dream where you see so many spiders everywhere can simply indicate that you are experiencing a particularly stressful time. You can find them in the bed, on the pillow, in the wardrobe, among the clothes, in the kitchen … everywhere in the house; they can be small or large spiders. They represent, a bit like all the pests, the various annoyances, problems and worries that crowd your days and your thoughts. If you can send them away, run them away, or kill them is a good sign.

Dream of a big spider, big, huge, giant

The large size indicates that the spider probably represents a person, usually a woman with whom you have a close and perhaps overwhelming bond (a suffocating mother, a lover who sucks your energies, etc.; see also the patarantola, large hairy spider following ). The spider’s long legs may strike you (this represents the ‘holding back or the manipulative abilities of the person in question), or the fact that it is hairy, like the tarantula (therefore more disgusting and dangerous). The big spider could also be a symbol of a big obstacle, a threat, a big problem that plagues you.

Dreaming of a spider hanging down, falling from the ceiling, falling on you

represents sudden pitfalls, outstanding problems.
On the other hand, dreaming of a spider with eggs, or that gives birth to many spider mites, is a good omen because it indicates that you will have work successes and you will be very creative.
Dreaming of a talking spider: listen carefully to what it tells you, it could give you useful information.

Dream of a black, white, red, yellow spider

In most cases the dreaming spider is black, but it could also be white. red, yellow, green, brown, orange, blue, pink, gold: look for the meaning of the single color, it could help you better understand the dream.

Dreaming spider that bites, that jumps on you, poisonous

Spiders in dreams can be particularly aggressive: they chase you, attack you, jump on you; dreaming of a poisonous spider that bites or stings represents someone / something that is poisoning your existence, something that creates a deep malaise, that blocks you and paralyzes you. The spider bite (on the hand, foot, leg, etc.) may indicate that you are afraid of being involved in violent discussions; fear the aggressiveness and criticism of someone in particular.

Dreaming spiders on your head, on your body

Dreaming of having a spider on you, on your face, on your head, in your hair, or on your body represents a dangerous threat that strikes you in your most intimate and profound dimension; someone looms over you, does not allow you to move freely and live peacefully. This threat may also concern your sexual / affective sphere. The part of the body where you see the spider can be important to interpret the dream more exactly: some dream of having a spider in your ear, eye, nose, which walks on your back, on your neck; sometimes it even happens to have panties full of spiders!

Dreaming of having a spider under your skin

indicates that there is a very close bond that bothers you and is becoming harmful.
Dreaming of having a spider in your mouth, or of eating a spider is instead positive, because it indicates that you have the situation under control, you are not afraid of having a dominant role in relationships.
Dreaming of dead spider, dreaming of killing the spider
Dreaming of a dead spider, or dreaming of killing the spider, crushing it or sending it away: this is good, because at least in a dream you have freed yourself from the ‘problem’ that hinders you in life, which prevents you from realizing yourself, of the presence that warn how overwhelming and castrating.

Try to kill the spider

but not succeed, or dream that the spider dies, but after a while he comes back alive: this is still positive, because you are trying to fight, to react to the problem, even if you have not yet managed to eradicate it to the end .

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