Dream of swimming

Dreaming of swimming in the sea, in a pool, in a lake, in a river, in a stream, etc. always leads back to the primary natural element of water, connected to our inner world, feelings, emotions and the unconscious, as well as to the uterus, to femininity and motherhood.
The dream can make you understand how you relate to all this; it can be a dream that makes you feel peaceful and confident, or annoyed, or distressed.

What does it mean to dream of swimming?

  • Exploration and management of feelings (conscious and unconscious), contact with the emotional sphere, moods, emotions.
  • Reconnection with vivifying and regenerating elements, with the flow of life, with the feminine; the sea is in fact a kind of Great Mother of all that is living; everything is born from water.
  • Survival, adaptation: knowing how to swim means being able to save your life when you are in the water, so dreaming of swimming can happen when you have to face a new situation, adapt to a new environment or condition.

How do you swim in dreams?

  • Dreaming of swimming freestyle – you want to achieve something, your goals are quite clear.
  • Dreaming of swimming on the back: there are emotions and aspects of your interiority with which you prefer not to confront yourself directly; are not you ready yet.
  • Dreaming of swimming breaststroke, doggie, dolphin: you prefer to rely on your rational and conscious control, you have a bit of difficulty letting go.
  • Dreaming of playing dead afloat, of floating – you need to relax; you prefer to contemplate what comes your way, rather than actively seeking.
  • Dreaming of swimming underwater, scuba diving, freediving: it represents your desire to connect with your deepest emotions, with the unconscious; reaching the depths of the sea, sinking, or in any case swimming immersed in water represents the exploration of the deepest part of oneself.
  • Dreaming of swimming on the surface: it represents the relationship with the emotions of which you are aware and aware. Resurfacing to the surface represents the return to consciousness.

Where did you swim in the dream?

Swim in calm waters:

A beautiful dream in which you can swim peacefully and serenely, in the sea, or in any case in clear, calm, clear water, will make you feel very good and when you wake up you will feel refreshed.
A dream like this makes you return to your inner dimension, makes you recover serenity and mental tranquility. There is nothing dark and threatening, you have confidence in yourself and in your abilities. You can go through everything with ease; you feel master of your emotions; you can achieve your goals by relying on your inner strength.

Swim on the high seas, against the current:

  • Dreaming of swimming in a rough sea, or in any case in waters full of waves, breakers, is a distressing dream, because you are afraid of drowning, of not being able to return to shore, of being overwhelmed by the water. This means that there is the risk of being overwhelmed by your emotions; your soul is probably agitated, you are experiencing storms and riots that take away your tranquility.
    This dream can also express the need to challenge yourself by facing difficult situations.
  • Dreaming of swimming against the current can represent a contrast between your way of feeling and that of others (the ‘current’ represents the common feeling); you want to fight because you feel you have to express yourself freely, even when others don’t approve of you

Swimming in shallow water, in mud

This dream may indicate that for some reason you are ‘bogged down’ in a situation from which you find it difficult to emerge; something is hindering you in your path, you cannot shake off the burdens that prevent you from continuing towards your goals.
At the same time, this dream could also indicate that something in you has dried up: the scarcity of water can indicate that your life lacks vivifying and regenerating emotions that would allow you to return to participate more fully in life, they would support you and give you strength. Probably something important has been missing, or has gradually run out.

Swim fast

Dreaming of swimming quickly, with extreme ease and fluency is a beautiful dream; maybe you feel like you can swim for a long time without getting tired, and travel long stretches of sea or river. This represents self-esteem and strength that comes from the good feelings that you have been able to cultivate in yourself and around you. You will be able to achieve your goals easily, without effort.

Swim with fish

Fish in dreams represent ideas that emerge from the unconscious or subconscious, products of your inner world. Swimming among beautiful colored fish or dolphins is certainly a good sign, because they represent your creativity, wealth, harmony, the vitality of your thinking and your feelings.
Dreaming of swimming among huge, gigantic fish, or whales can still give you a pleasant sensation; however, if you feel afraid and distressed, this could indicate that there is a problem that disturbs your serenity.
Swimming chased by threatening fish, sharks, killer whales, jellyfish, etc. can represent feelings of distress generated by underestimated and neglected emotional difficulties, which can result in aggressive behavior that you yourself are ultimately a victim of.

Not being able to swim

Sometimes it happens to dream of not being able to swim, or of doing it with extreme effort, as if you were moving in slow motion, and experiencing a feeling of breathlessness. You may see yourself swimming with your clothes on, feeling heavy. It is very difficult to get to the poolside, or reach the other side of a river, or return to shore. If you dream of swimming with other people or having a swimming competition, even if you try to keep up, you always stay behind, you can’t reach them.
This dream denotes low self-esteem; may manifest fear of failure, of failing to achieve your goals, of not being able to complete a task.
Dreaming of not being able to swim and drown: being at the mercy of one’s emotions, being overwhelmed and submerged by them.

Other dreams about swimming

  • Dreaming of swimming naked – a dream of extreme freedom, unless the thought of being seen by someone makes you feel uncomfortable.
  • Dreaming of swimming in the air, of floating: see Dreaming of flying
  • Dreaming of swimming with a friend, with a man or woman you know: the dream represents trust in this person; you feel comfortable with her and feel you can express yourself freely.
  • Dreaming of learning to swim – it can mean that you want to learn to better manage your emotions and survive the ups and downs of your mood and that of others.
  • Dreaming of strange animals swimming: seeing unusual animals swimming (cow, pig, elephant, cat) can represent the great ability to adapt and survive that you too have.

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