Dream about teeth

Dreaming teeth is probably the most widespread dream in the world and one of the first ones to have written testimony; in fact it appears in an Egyptian papyrus of the 2000s BC You will surely have had a dream on your teeth; Freud included it in typical dreams, or those that we all do sooner or later.

This part of the body is really very present in our dreams. The popular voice claims that tooth dreams are about one’s relatives; this interpretation has very ancient origins and dates back to Artemidoro, the first author to have written a book on the interpretation of dreams.

Meaning of teeth in dreams

  • Physical appearance, seduction, sex appeal: both for men and women a beautiful dazzling smile is very attractive.
  • Public image, facade, appearance, first impression: it is said, in fact, that a smile is our business card. In particular, the incisors (the front teeth) are very important for our appearance; they are the ones we care the most because they are always in sight.
  • Health: a good set of teeth shows health and physical strength, while bad teeth are a sign of malnutrition and disease.
  • Communication: often tooth damage in dreams is a communication problem.
  • Power, assertiveness: with teeth you can bite life fully, defend yourself and attack.
  • Aggressiveness: the animals show their teeth to show that they are ready to attack. The canine teeth are the most threatening, because they are longer and more sharp.
  • Stubbornness, tenacity, constancy: especially the molar teeth, because they are those involved in chewing; even according to physiognomy, people with pronounced jaws have a strong will.

We are born without teeth, then we grow milk teeth, but at some point, during childhood, we lose, and replace them with the definitive teeth of adults; as we age, the teeth weaken and we lose them. In the meaning that the tooth can take in dreams there is therefore also this idea of ​​passage and transition from one age to another.

Other common dreams related to teeth

  • Toothache, teeth that hurt, tooth with blood, bloody, that bleeds: tensions that make you fragile and take away your self-esteem
  • Dreaming of brushing your teeth: need to assert yourself and appear authoritative and brilliant. You need to clean your image, to get rid of guilt.
  • Dreaming of false teeth: you want to show an apparent power.
  • Dreaming of golden teeth: you can bring out the best from the difficulties.
  • Dreaming of silver teeth: indicates that you have to focus a lot on your instincts; your intuition will pull you out of difficult situations.
  • Dreaming glass teeth: at the first difficulty your defenses shatter.
  • Dreaming of sharp, long teeth: aggressiveness; see also Vampire
  • Dreaming teeth in the palate: you are on the defensive and you could have an excess of aggressiveness.
  • Dreaming of a tooth that comes out, new teeth, teeth that grow: new possibilities, changes, new phase of your life.
  • Dreaming of wisdom tooth: it has to do with maturity and wisdom.
  • Dreaming of vomiting teeth, spitting out a tooth: maybe there is something you should express more clearly, don’t keep it inside.
  • Dreaming of swallowing a tooth: you said something you regretted