Dreaming of water

Water is probably the element that appears most often in dreams, sometimes with considerable frequency and insistence. Maybe because water is a symbol of the unconscious and of feelings, which are the same materials from which our dreams take shape. But to say “dreaming of water” is such a generic expression that it can really open up to an infinity of meanings.

  • From where it comes from: it could be sea water, river water, running water (tap water), or a puddle, rain, fountain, waterfall, etc.
  • Appearance, smell, color: it can be clear and clean water, or dirty and muddy; it can be calm and calm, stagnant or agitated.
  • Context: many things can be done with water: drinking, washing, diving, crossing it, swimming, drowning, etc.
  • What were you doing?
  • Emotions: did the water frighten you in the dream, or did it please you? Were you comfortable or worried?

Dreaming of water, meaning:

Unconscious: when in dreams we peer into water, we are usually exploring our personal unconscious, made of our personal memories and emotions; or the great collective unconscious, constituted by the immense baggage of the Universal Consciousness.
Emotions, feelings: in general, water in dreams represents our emotional, irrational and creative part.
Cleanliness, purity: water is an element that washes and cleans; in many religious rites it represents spiritual cleansing from faults and impurities.
Recovery of energy, vitality, creativity: water is connected to life, because it is from there that everything originates; it can be an expression of your creative potential and represent regeneration and new beginning. Just as physical water restores the body, water in dreams restores our emotion and our spirit.
Mother: water in dreams can be a reminder of the amniotic fluid in which our life began, in the maternal womb. Water would therefore be a sort of maternal embrace. Water is also connected to conception, childbirth and motherhood

Water as a recurring dream

Water is a recurring dream for many people: “I keep dreaming of water, who knows why?”, You’ll wonder. It can be a dream that occurs at particular times:

Emotional stress, times when you are upset or upset, or when you need to recover energy and restore yourself.
Particular physical conditions of the body, such as:
the stimulus of thirst (if you have drunk a little or are dehydrated it is normal to dream of water);
kidney problems (the kidneys are the filter of our body);
pregnancy, a state in which a lot of water forms in the woman’s body

  • Walking on water: it is a sign of inner balance. The dreamer is able to manage his unconscious and emotional sphere, without being submerged by it or denying it.
  • Being submerged: if in the dream you are underwater “by will”, then the desire of the individual to take refuge in his own interiority and to detach himself from the rest of the world is reflected. Instead, if the dreamer is drowning, it is synonymous with suffocation and pressure from the outside, that is, he is struggling with his emotions, by which he risks being overwhelmed.
  • Diving into the water: dreaming of diving into the water reflects the primordial desire to return to the womb, in a situation of safety and peace. Or, it can mean the will to dig within oneself, to go deep into one’s interiority.
  • Drinking water: it is simply the transposition of a physiological need into a dream. The mind prefers to provide us with the image of what we feel the need for, which is water, rather than waking us from sleep.
  • Flowing Water: This dream is seen as both a symbol of change and adaptation.
  • Boiling water: in his interiority, the dreamer is “seething” with emotions or other sensations and is about to reach its climax.

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