July 23 – August 22

The lion, the king of animals, is the symbol of this sign, whose time of year (midsummer, it is therefore a Fixed Sign) is characterized by the heat and omnipresence of the Sun ? solleone?), by which it is governed. Sign of Fire, Leo stands out for strength, pride and pride. Those born in Leo are energetic and impulsive, outgoing and spontaneous, loyal and generous. However, their tendency to self-centeredness can lead them on the one hand not to take too much into consideration the needs of others, and on the other to experience periods of laziness, in which they are excessively satisfied with themselves.
The Leo native likes to command and have his authority recognized; he wants to be able to judge but does not like to be judged. If vexed, he tends to anger, but he does not bear grudges. It would be good if every now and then he would dilute his great presumption and vanity with a bath of humility. He should learn to lose and learn from defeat. In social life the Lions are enthralling: outgoing, with a sense of humor, eager to shine, they have charisma and magnetic strength. They are the soul of the company. They love to receive compliments, which they interpret as deserved and therefore in a sense due. Open and spontaneous, they tend to be naive, and others may take advantage of it. After all, they are good, sweet and tender. In their work they stand out for their energy and ambition, as well as for their capacity for observation and action. Leo is comfortable with a job that is compatible with their individualism and independence, but they still tend to succeed in any field. It tends to be successful because it has all the necessary qualities: intelligence, ability, ambition, determination and practical sense. In love, he forgets his analytical and logical skills, and lets himself go on impulse. It chooses the prey on the basis of a characteristic it appreciates, physical or temperamental, perhaps superficial, and starts the attack. His confidence generally helps him to impress. Once he has conquered his prey through self-exhibition, flattery and gallantry (provided the latter accepts courtship and does not run away!), He will be possessive and jealous, but also generous and capable of dedication. But in return he will want to be adored. His lack of empathy and difficulty in introspection can lead to the partner feeling a little misunderstood.

The Lion Man

Strong and vital, vain and proud, there is a risk that he feels like a superman and that he will bully. In love he is romantic and devoted; he lives love more with his heart than with reason, even if he is inclined to choose the partner he considers the best, and for this reason he feels at his level. He is possessive and hates being betrayed, even if he tends to take a few fling. In the family of origin he may have conflicts with his parents, due to his desire for independence and leadership. He is gifted for work and knows how to direct his energies and his intelligence in achieving a goal. When he builds a family of his own, he wants to feel like a king, loves being surrounded by people who are devoted to him, or who respect him. He likes children and as a father he is affectionate, tends to indulgence towards his children and to grant them a lot of freedom, to the point of sometimes neglecting them a little. He likes to live in a spacious and comfortable home, appreciates comfort and convenience, and likes to spend money. He loves play and fun, and has a taste for risk.

The Leo woman

Strong and independent, the native of this sign is a true lioness, who arouses admiration but can also scare: who will have the courage to stand by her side? Compared to the man, Leo is more sensitive, and this quality, combined with the other characteristics of the Sign (such as vitality and intelligence), makes her a woman of great value, who struggles to find a partner at her height. After all, she is aware of her own worth, she is proud and goes on her way with very few doubts. In her confidence she tends to be a bit naive. She is always courted and loves to receive compliments. She may have few friends because of the interest she arouses in men, and which can create jealousy and envy. She hates compromise and doesn’t want to be submissive. She is looking for the great love, the perfect bond, and for this she doesn’t get lost in little adventures. She is sincere and wants a close and stable bond, she does not like unnecessary conflicts and problems. Because of her love of luxury and comfort, however, she risks getting married just for interest. When she’s wrong, even if she realizes it, she’s too proud to admit it.

The first decade

Those born in the first decade of the Sign have the Sun as their personal Planet, which therefore doubles its beneficial strength, giving decidedly positive influences. The character will be energetic, vital and creative. The native of the decade loves changes and reforms that lead to an improvement in the living conditions of themselves and others. He is capable of guiding others and being a point of reference. He is enthusiastic and has great willpower. He must be careful not to let his individualism become excessive and that his great impulsiveness in love gives him nasty surprises.

The second decade

Those born in the second decade of the Sign have Jupiter as their personal reference Planet, the Planet of wisdom and nobility of character. This influence is positive because Jupiter helps to dilute some of Leo’s defects, such as excessive self-centeredness, presumption and impulsiveness in love. In fact, Jupiter tends to give a magnanimous, expansive, optimistic attitude. Furthermore, Jupiter is the Planet of luck, success and money, and thus reinforces the already pronounced skills of Leo in work and career, in knowing how to set goals and striving to achieve them.

The third decade

Those born in the third decade of the Sign have Mars as their personal planet, which gives energy, combativeness, willpower, further enhancing these characteristics that the natives of Leo already possess. This certainly makes them capable of pursuing a goal and achieving it, so that they will be strong, courageous and determined. However, there are risks deriving from the combination of such energetic Planets as the Sun and Mars: the negative sides of Leo, such as authoritarianism, impulsiveness and vanity are certainly not tempered by a Planet like Mars!