September 23 – October 22

Cardinal sign, Libra begins with the autumn equinox, and therefore with day and night of equal length. It is no coincidence that Libra symbolizes balance, as well as justice and measure. In this period of the year the days get shorter but the air is still mild; warm and sunny days alternate with gray and rainy days; trees shed their leaves. This underlying instability and uncertainty is also reflected in the natives of Libra, who are fragile, tending to react rather than act, to wait for events with a certain passivity, to weigh decisions to the point of postponing them or in any case remaining doubtful even afterwards. having taken them. Often they are torn between two opposing tendencies, that of rationalizing things in life and making judgments about everything, and that of letting go of their idealistic and sentimental tendencies.
As a sign of air, Libra is endowed with versatility, communication and freedom. Lovers of beauty, those born in this Sign are distinguished by a great artistic sense. They love social life, travel and entertainment. Equipped with a sense of justice, they are generally accommodating and want to live in a peaceful and harmonious environment; But if their principles are questioned, they can get angry. They love to be in company, even if they are discreet and need privacy. They hate rough manners and bad manners. They are intelligent and intuitive, but they tend to idealize others, and thus risk being deceived. They are more theoretical than practical. At work they are courteous, diplomatic, serious; however, they lack a bit of constancy and, after all, they are lazy, and so they risk not reaching the well-being they desire. After all, they love to spend to live well. They certainly aren’t looking for success as an end in itself. In love they are neither cerebral nor passionate: they are attracted by style, gallantry, modesty, looks. They are afraid of being too involved, and they don’t like stormy loves. They are looking for a solid, stable bond that gives them those certainties they do not have. The Sign is ruled by Venus, who brings artistic sense, grace, and an aptitude for sensuality into relationship life.

The Libra man

Kind and polite, affable and casual, he is undoubtedly charming. He risks being a little vain. He is not a revolutionary, rather he loves being the adept of an important personality. He is lazy and loves to live in comfort and well-being, but he is not a materialist: his purpose is to lift himself from material needs to devote himself to the spiritual life. He does not like monotony, he loves to cultivate various interests and travel. He wants and appreciates being around people, surrounding himself with friends, having fun. He’s a bit self-centered, and he can’t stand someone showing skills that are superior to his. In love he is demanding, but with the right partner he is affectionate and loves stability. He often looks for partners who are older or much younger than him. For the desire to vary, he may seek some diversion and some escapade, while feeling faithful to his partner. He is affectionate with his children and tends to forgive, even if he demands respect and trust from them. However, as children grow up, they tend to impose their own choices.

The Libra woman

Polite, refined and endowed with taste, she is very charming. Able to understand others and generous, she is an excellent companion. She is conquered by kind, tender and sensitive people. Dreamer, she is in love with love and tends to merge (and sometimes confuse!) Love and friendship. He loves social life and has many friends. Although she can’t stand quarrels and tends to reconcile, she has a somewhat fragile nervous system and tends to be touchy. Due to his moodiness, there is a risk that he will change his mind too often and fail to deliver on his promises. Furthermore, it risks not knowing how to decide and avoiding responsibilities. She is a bit vain and spends a lot of time in front of the mirror. She is lazy and loves moments of relaxation; she likes to be pampered and pampered, but also to pamper her partner in turn. She doesn’t particularly like being a housewife, and in any case she wants to keep her interests outside the home. As a mother, she tends not to demand and not to impose, even if her desire for perfection can generate anxiety in her children.

The first decade

Those born in the first decade of the Sign have Venus as their personal reference Planet, which therefore has a doubled power, making them persevering, vital and strong-willed. In general, therefore, it is a positive influence, which gives greater stability and calmness of character, sociability and constancy in affections, and also love for nature and beauty. A certain constancy, however, is also revealed in the antipathies. Towards loved ones (and others in general), there is a tendency to be generous and willing to give help and protection. There is also an inclination to desire luxury and a comfortable, comfortable life.

The second decade

Those born in the second decade of the Sign have Saturn as their personal Planet, the Planet of constancy, perseverance, the ability to reach goals through self-discipline and willpower. Saturn induces patience and prudence. Linked to the most important stages and trials of life, Saturn is the Planet of destiny. Through difficult trials it also renders magnanimous in spirit and wise. Libra is not very constant on its own; thanks to Saturn, he can become more able to endure difficult situations, to accept sacrifice and renunciation to achieve a goal.

The third decade

Those born in the third decade of the Sign have Uranus and Mercury as personal planets. Uranus enhances the characters of the Air Signs, such as originality and unpredictability; in addition, it takes the natives to depth of thought and mysticism. Mercury, on the other hand, is the symbol of rationality and the desire for knowledge. It enables us to observe things, to learn and to remember; in addition, it improves dialectical skills and the desire for written and oral communication, as well as motor coordination skills. A negative effect of this combination could be the tendency towards authoritarianism.