Numerology is a discipline that studies the symbolic meaning of numbers, of which the greatest and most well-known promulgator was Pythagoras. The Greek philosopher of the sixth century BC he believed that everything was number and that the essence of reality was of a mathematical nature. In this perspective the universe is not at all chaotic but ordered according to a precise design that can be codified through the interpretation of numbers, comparable in a certain sense to modern atoms. In fact, if everything is number, inevitably the material is itself made up of numbers and we ourselves would therefore be an ordered set of numbers.I

Numbers are powerful symbols:

Not only that, in fact, as psychoanalyst Carl Gustav Jung pointed out, numbers in fact identify Archetypes, that is universal symbols with particular energetic values and an active role in the so-called Unit. In short, they are not mere arithmetic quantities but correspond to specific symbols, if not, as Pythagoras maintained, to sounds, letters and planets, determining the rhythm of the universe. The number would therefore not belong to the physical plane but to the spiritual one and would depend on all its laws of construction and evolution. It would also have specific qualities that depend on its location in nature. In addition to Pythagoras and Jung, Sant ‘Agostino also became very interested in numbers, calling them “the universal language offered by the gods to humans as a confirmation of the truth”.

The numbers in the Kabbalah:

Finally we cannot ignore the importance of numerology in the Kabbalah, literally “the doctrine received”, or the mystical and spiritual wisdom contained in the Hebrew Bible, the Torah. The Cabal associates each name with a number and each number is in turn associated with a metaphysical meaning. According to the kabbalists the sounds of names, therefore the only one to pronounce them, would be enough to emit certain vibrations in our spirit, able to provoke supernatural events and to attract positive or negative energy.

Numbers are tools for investigating reality and ourselves;

And here it is understood why numerology considers precious numbers instruments to investigate reality. This discipline identifies correspondences between numbers and different aspects of life, both in the macrocosm and in the microcosm. In the light of these statements and of the studies conducted by all these researchers, mathematicians and religious, it is clear that numerology is not a so abstruse or raving discipline, rather a precious tool, potentially able to decipher the deep mechanisms of the universe and of the man himself, as part of the Universe.

Numerological tables:

Numerological tables are diagrams that allow the conversion of name, surname and date of birth into numbers. Through the interpretation of the results it is possible to identify one’s strengths and weaknesses, and to predict the most important events of our life. It is therefore a true numerological map, very useful for learning to know ourselves better. Numerological analyzes examine any existential field: from work to love, from the family to health, providing us with important information on how to act at certain times, on how to overcome certain blocks or on which path to take.