• Numbers

    The number one

    The warrior Number of initiatives and inner aspirations, but also the number of the sun as a source of life, regulator of all the phenomena of the Earth. It is also the number of beginnings in all areas of life such as clear water which represents the primary vital element. It is also the number of fate and fatality, of greeting and reverence; represents the beginning of something, like everything you need to light the fire. Also the animals considered “magic” by tradition, such as the crocodile and the swan, are connected to this number. Also the index finger of the hand is connected to this number the One is…

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  • Interpretation

    Have you ever dreamed of money or coins?

    Dreaming of money and coins is very common and I am sure that you too are reading with curiosity to understand if seeing so much money in a dream means that you will also get it in reality. It is not really so, but do not be disappointed; often the money you see in a dream refers not to material riches but to your inner riches. According to popular interpretation, this dream must be interpreted according to the rule of opposites; so when you dream of winning so much money, it means that you will have expenses; when instead you dream of losing money, it means that you will have…

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  • Colors

    The properties of the white color

    White is a positive color; it is associated with ideas of purity, cleanliness, innocence, candor, naivety, virginity, marriage, light, splendor, simplicity and goodness. White can be a non-positive color when it is perceived as cold, monotonous, aseptic, devoid of emotion. White is the color of snow, milk, ice and the North Pole. It is associated with the ideas of cold and Christmas. White is the color that is worn in summer, when it is very hot, because it repels sunlight. White is who is albino: it recalls the idea of ​​rarity, of exceptionality. Bianca is the whale of the famous Melville novel. White can visually represent space, emptiness, detachment. These…

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  • Interpretation

    Have you ever dreamed of teeth?

    Dreaming teeth is probably the most widespread dream in the world and one of the first ones to have written testimony; in fact it appears in an Egyptian papyrus of the 2000s BC You will surely have had a dream on your teeth; Freud included it in typical dreams, or those that we all do sooner or later. This part of the body is really very present in our dreams. The popular voice claims that tooth dreams are about one’s relatives; this interpretation has very ancient origins and dates back to Artemidoro, the first author to have written a book on the interpretation of dreams. Meaning of teeth in dreams…

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  • Interpretation

    Have you ever dreamed of blood?

    Blood is the vital liquid par excellence; it is the vital flow that flows in us, in our veins, which gives us warmth and energy. Hardly the dreams in which blood appears are pleasant dreams; the sight of blood creates anxiety and worry. Meaning of blood in dreams: Suffering: both physical and moral Libido, sexual desire Anger Power Love: sacrifice, family ties, fraternity and the covenant Dream of bright red, black, dark bloodIn dreams, bright red blood usually refers to love, to passion; the blood that flows with violence, or that suddenly bursts out, indicates that you are experiencing very intense emotions, difficult to control. Dreaming of dark red, almost…

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  • Colors

    The properties of the blue color

    Symbol of harmony and balance, as well as calm, the color Blue has the power to relax bringing balance to the emotional sphere. It also conveys a certain sensitivity, leading the individual to be more vulnerable to external “attacks”. This color has the ability to normalize heart rate and pressure. It has the tendency, therefore, to make the body relax and to remove the sense of anxiety. Those who prefer this color are individuals with profound feelings. It appears to be calm and with a strong ability to find one’s inner balance. He is a person who makes ideals his winning weapon and finds stability thanks to his attachment to…

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  • Interpretation

    have you ever dreamed about mice?

    These animals appear quite often in dreams, we consider them harmful and dangerous, but we also look at them with compassion and sympathy. Meaning of the mouse in dreams Intuition, instinct: like all animals, the mouse also represents instinct; the mouse has large ears, a highly developed sense of smell, because it must be ready to catch the smallest warning signs. Smallness, pusillanimity, lack of courage: the mouse is small and shy, fleeing at the slightest danger; when it appears in dreams it means that perhaps you feel inadequate, you do not face your fears and you let yourself be crushed by them. Irrational fears, obsessive thoughts that “erode” your…

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  • Interpretation

    have you ever dreamed of water?

    Water is probably the element that appears most often in dreams, sometimes with considerable frequency and insistence. Maybe because water is a symbol of the unconscious and of feelings, which are the same materials from which our dreams take shape. But to say “dreaming of water” is such a generic expression that it can really open up to an infinity of meanings. From where it comes from: it could be sea water, river water, running water (tap water), or a puddle, rain, fountain, waterfall, etc. Appearance, smell, color: it can be clear and clean water, or dirty and muddy; it can be calm and calm, stagnant or agitated. Context: many…

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  • Interpretation

    Have you ever died in a dream?

    Dreams about death are very distressing, rarely discussed and often quickly removed because you could think it may be somewhat premonitory. Such a dream is rarely premonitory, even if there are many anecdotes of famous people (for example, President Abraham Lincoln, or John Lennon) who seem to have had the vision of their imminent death in their dreams, just as it then occurred. These premonitions can be rationally explained, considering the particular sensitivity of our mind during sleep. Seeing your own death in a dream can be considered as a warning, an invitation to be more cautious, to look after your own health, avoiding unnecessary risks, or certain situations, etc.…

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  • Interpretation

    Have you ever dreamed of snakes?

    Dreaming of a snake is one of the most frequent dreams ever, the most common among those with “animal” theme. For many people, snake arouse feelings of fear and disgust, or a real phobia, and you can’t even bear the sight. On the contrary, other people love snakes very much, taking care of them as pets. This aspect should be considered while interpreting the dream. Snakes are clearly dangerous animals but, no matter how disturbing they could be, we can’t deny that they are also bewitching creatures, gifted with hypnotic charm. Snakes are reptiles, cold-blooded animals that move crawling on their belly and periodically change skin (sloughing). They appear in…

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