February 19 – March 20

The two fishes depicting the Sign, facing in opposite directions, indicate to us that Pisces are the Sign of inner duplicity. Pisces are a Mobile Sign, belonging in astronomy to the last part of winter, a period that sees the days lengthen rapidly even though they are even shorter than the nights, while in meteorology there are the first spring days alternating with sudden returns of cold. Those born in Pisces are ruled by Neptune and Jupiter, with the former making them creative, idealistic and generous, but also prone to depression, and the latter conferring luck, optimism and an inclination towards the pleasures of material life.
These contradictory elements influence those born in Pisces, making them impressionable and therefore indecisive, sensitive and emotional, in a difficult and complex relationship with themselves. Pisces are a Water Sign, and therefore are gifted with imagination and sensitivity. They are lazy and love comforts; their character is not strong in itself, yet their being dreamers, tending towards utopia, can make them surprisingly capable when it comes to devoting themselves to a cause or sacrificing themselves for humanity, as well as in work, where they manifest great creative abilities and even managerial, thus transforming their weakness into strength. It is not the will that drives them, but the dream. Sensitive to religiosity and mysticism, however, they are generally tending towards passivity and conformity, and must be careful not to be too influenced by others and ideologies, not to fall into fatalism and depression, and even self-destructiveness. Intuitive and capable of conceiving important ideas, they will then need the strength to put them into practice, and will have to learn not to remain passive in the face of events. Idealists and endowed with a humanitarian spirit and artistic sense, they give their best if they have the planets in a positive aspect, otherwise they risk turning their talent into cunning and deceiving others. In love they are romantic, sensitive and even sensual. However, they are undecided, alternating peaks of enthusiasm with rapid drops in mood and a sense of disappointment. They therefore need a strong partner who can guide them.

The Pisces man

The duplicity and inconstancy typical of this Sign are well present and recognizable in the Pisces man. The Pisces man is sensitive, tender and kind, led to love and friendship. He loves family and children, is modest and tolerant; can be a good father. Dreamer and idealist, he is endowed with an erratic will, so that his desires and ambitions can collide with reality, in order to lead to mood declines. He prefers a varied and stimulating job; is a good collaborator. He is smart and subtle, and there is a risk that he will use his intuition to exploit others. Sympathetic and with company, he is often excessive and eccentric, he knows how to be an actor, and even with his partner he can tend to simulate and maybe play at being misunderstood. Being erratic and easily influenced, he tends not to be faithful, unless there is a real affinity with his partner. But his childish attitudes, shy and sentimental, make him irresistible. He loves domestic life and family serenity, as a point of support for his inconstancy and disorder; tends to spend a lot and live for the day.

The Pisces woman

The Pisces woman is delicate and charming, endowed with grace and sensitivity, with an artistic sense and good manners. Affectionate and tender, she is capable of giving. Often taciturn, she is influenced by the lunar cycles (she feels better and is more vital during the full moon), and predisposed to periods of low vitality and moments of melancholy. Her sensitivity sometimes leads her to feel not up to par and to experience inferiority complexes. She is endowed with imagination and aesthetic sense; loves beautiful things, nature, animals and children. However, he doesn’t always take great care of his physical appearance. Love convenience and comfort. It is intuitive and has a deep inner life. Dream a lot. She is in need of love and gives love a fundamental importance in her life. She is a good companion and a good mother. She is capable of deep passions, and tends to be jealous. He can’t stand the quarrels and possible infidelities of the partner.

The first decade

Those born in the first decade of the Sign have Jupiter and Neptune as personal planets, whose influence is thus doubled, enhancing the contradiction already typical of Pisces. Jupiter is the Planet of luck and happiness, of sincerity and nobility of character, while Neptune is the Planet of idealism, inventiveness and transformation, but also of sensitivity, nostalgia and melancholy. The result is a conflict between conflicting forces, which can have as a positive side the need and the opportunity to resolve one’s inner conflicts and to dilute one’s defects.

The second decade

Those born in the second decade of the Sign have the Moon as their personal Planet, a Luminary that combines with Neptune (one of the rulers of the Sign), giving magnetism and attraction to the mystery. The Moon influences the emotions, the imagination, making the natives of the decade endowed with sensitivity and artistic sense, and very charismatic. But beware of the instability, already typical of Pisces, which is further favored by the Moon, and which makes people precisely? moody! However, the changeability will be above all internal, and to compensate for it the native will aspire to security and stability, trying to avoid conflicts.

The third decade

Those born in the third decade of the Sign have Mars as their personal reference Planet, which gives a bit of combativeness and strength of character to the natives of Pisces, making them more courageous, tenacious and able to carry out their tasks and their projects. The spiritual and idealistic tendencies of Neptune will be offset by the practical sense and the charge of Mars, and the result will undoubtedly be positive. It will be easier to overcome material difficulties, while tendencies towards melancholy and depression will be less marked.