October 23 – November 21

The Sign of Scorpio is an Autumn Sign, relating to a gray and rainy period. The days are getting shorter and shorter, and it seems that the Sun wants to hide, as does the animal symbol of the Sign. The scorpion is an animal linked to the symbolism of darkness, death, but also of the future rebirth. Darkness and shadowiness are part of the character of those born in Scorpio, but they are not as dark as has often been claimed. If anything, the main characteristics of the natives of the Sign are strength of character, combativeness, psychophysical energy. Scorpio is ruled by Mars and Pluto: the former is the Planet of fighting force, the latter is the Planet of depth, genius, arts and commerce.
Scorpio is a Water Sign, and therefore is gifted with imagination and sensitivity. He has many interests and is unlikely to be bored. He is full of energy and never stops. Love to travel and have new experiences. He tends to live in a complicated way, and can create complications even for those close to him. A little discussion with him can turn into a drama. Jealous and possessive, he does not forget the wrongs he has suffered and tends to be vindictive. He judges others harder than he judges himself, and tends to forgive himself. He wants to lead both in love and in social life. He is stubborn, and can get angry, even if he later regrets it. Love the competition. He is mysterious and reserved, and tends to look over his shoulder as if he were always under threat; but he is also a very good friend, he is generous and sincere, even if at times he is even too much, so that he can hurt others. He is courageous and combative in defending the people he loves, and even himself if necessary. He is an idealist, and he puts his ideals above all else. He is generally sensual, but he can sublimate his ideals to the point of becoming an ascetic. In his work he is constant, determined and never tires. He has a great sense of duty and responsibility. He is patient and capable of making long-term plans. He is able to perform the most difficult tasks. He does not like to work in a subordinate position.

The Scorpio man

Intelligent and full of charm, he is never banal. He is a born fighter and a keen observer: he is shrewd, able to understand the weaknesses of the opponent, and never gives up. He is ambitious and individualistic; at work he is able to concentrate, is tireless and gives his best if he is independent and can manage himself. He works well even if he has tasks to do, as long as he doesn’t feel constrained or commanded. If he has employees he is feared because he always expects the best. He loves comforts and conveniences, loves spending and does not easily accumulate earned money. He has many interests and hobbies to pursue. As a friend, he is faithful, loyal and generous. It has a sometimes cutting irony. In the relationship with the opposite sex he loves conquest, although he does not experience love as a game, but rather with deep involvement. Romantic and passionate, tender and aggressive, is the Scorpio man capable of making you fall madly in love? but if the relationship is monotonous sooner or later he gets tired, and then he will look elsewhere.

The Scorpio woman

Passionate and sensual, self-confident and aggressive, the Scorpio woman is certainly a demanding woman! He is intelligent and often makes sharp judgments. In some respects he behaves in a manner similar to a man, both in the way of reasoning, both in the energy he has and in the dedication to activities outside the home and family. She is a hard worker and has a career in mind. However, he also takes his loved ones and family seriously. As a mother, she is apprehensive and protective. With friends she is sincere and helpful, and she is protective with them too, but she doesn’t tolerate being wronged. If it is the case, gladly accept the fight and try to win at all costs. She is gifted with creativity and artistic sense. Love luxury and comfort. As a partner she is dangerous: she wants a strong partner, otherwise she tends to subdue him. After the conquest, she tends to get tired of her partner pretty soon and look elsewhere, unless she finds one who understands her and is really up to her.

The first decade

Those born in the first decade of the Sign have Mars as their personal reference Planet, which therefore has a doubled power, and enhances the character of Scorpio, giving great strength and impulsiveness, courage and enthusiasm, great memory and ability to learn quickly, and also impatience. and irritability towards others if they do not reveal themselves to their own level. Furthermore, those born in the decade will be independent, capricious and persevering. There is a risk of excessive aggression. Finally, those born in this decade tend to be authoritarian and even dictatorial. They must try to moderate these tendencies and be more understanding towards others.

The second decade

Those born in the second decade of the Sign have Jupiter and Neptune as personal planets. Jupiter is the Planet of luck and happiness, of sincerity and nobility of character, and tends to make the native of Scorpio less dark and tormented, while Neptune is the Planet of idealism, inventiveness and transformation, but also of sensitivity, nostalgia and melancholy, and can accentuate the dark sides of Scorpio. The result is a conflict between conflicting forces, which can make the Scorpio native unstable, leading to the need to resolve their inner conflicts first and to dilute their defects.

The third decade

Those born in the third decade of the Sign have the Moon as their personal Planet, a Luminary that combines positively with Mars (who is the ruler of the Sign), giving good chances of success and fulfillment in life. The Moon influences emotionality, imagination, making the natives of the decade sensitive and gifted with an artistic sense, and very charismatic. These characteristics combine well with the strength of character and combativeness of the Scorpio, diluting its excesses and thus generating a positive mix. But beware of the tendency to be in an unstable mood and too proud.