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    Dreaming of the son or daughter

    In dreams it can often happen to dream about your children, especially if something happened before the dream that had a strong impact or remained imprinted. Symbol of what is dearest to us in the world, dreaming of one’s children is often interpreted as fear, but at the same time the desire to protect our loved ones and the truest affections from the dangers of the world. The fear of not being able to protect them, however, is great and it is precisely for this reason that it often happens to have this type of dream, a way almost to exorcise tension and acquire courage. Dreaming of a child can…

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    Dreaming of being pregnant

    Dreaming of being pregnant is a very frequent dream, especially in women who are at the beginning of pregnancy or are planning it: it can reflect their hopes and fears. But certainly this dream is also very common for women who have no desire to become mothers, pregnancy in dreams has various meanings, including metaphorical ones Meaning of pregnancy in dreams CREATIVITY, new ideas and projects you are working on. MATURATION, inner evolution RECURRING DREAM: Why do I always dream of being pregnant? Many women ask themselves this; maybe some will tell you that it is good, others that it is bad…. do not listen to these popular interpretations: the…

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