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    Dreaming of thieves

    In the interpretation of dreaming of thieves, it represents our fears, our insecurity and our inability to deal with a problem. All this stems mainly from the fear of getting a failure in front of a company to which we have dedicated all our energies. For women this dream represents the desire to embark on a passionate love story for playful purposes with the sole aim of experiencing new and daring emotions. For a more precise interpretation, we must eventually add the symbolic value of the theft and any stolen object. For example, if it is an animal it represents an unjustified distrust of our abilities. Dreaming of thieves in…

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  • Family,  Interpretation

    Dream about grandparents

    Dream about Grandma or Grandpa Dream of Grandma: We have a bad relationship with our mother so we prefer the figure of the Grandmother; she also represents old age and in general the negative figure of women; Dream about Grandpa: A figure that is flanked by that of the father especially if we have had a good relationship with him

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    Dreaming of being kidnapped

    Dreaming of a kidnapping The dream has different interpretations depending on whether it is our action or an action suffered. Dreaming of kidnapping in general is a bad omen, it denotes injustices suffered, unresolved difficulties and false judgments about us. Dreaming of being kidnapped is a good omen: in fact, a new and fruitful encounter or the fulfillment of an ancient desire awaits us. Dreaming of being kidnapped can represent the trauma of detachment for a woman. The child may simply have grown up and this dream may represent the fear that he may be emotionally distancing himself from her. This is similar if we are talking about the kidnapping…

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    Dreaming of being pregnant

    Dreaming of being pregnant is a very frequent dream, especially in women who are at the beginning of pregnancy or are planning it: it can reflect their hopes and fears. But certainly this dream is also very common for women who have no desire to become mothers, pregnancy in dreams has various meanings, including metaphorical ones Meaning of pregnancy in dreams CREATIVITY, new ideas and projects you are working on. MATURATION, inner evolution RECURRING DREAM: Why do I always dream of being pregnant? Many women ask themselves this; maybe some will tell you that it is good, others that it is bad…. do not listen to these popular interpretations: the…

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    Dreaming of getting married

    There are really a lot of dreams about marriage; dreaming of getting married, of course, can indicate the desire to unite forever with your loved one or, if you are single, to find a stable and lasting bond. If you are really getting married, this dream can often occur, and betray some normal stress due to the preparations. However, this dream can have more symbolic meanings, because it also happens to people who are already married, or who do not think about marriage at all. Meaning of marriage in dreams: According to popular interpretation, dreaming of a wedding would be bad, but this belief has no real foundation. From a…

  • Animals,  Interpretation

    Dream about spiders

    What does it mean to dream of a spider? Dreaming of spiders is a fairly common experience. According to popular interpretation, the spider in dreams brings luck, money, earnings; however the ancient interpreters considered the spider to be an unlucky presence in dreams: they said that if he walks on his face he announces misfortune, and if he weaves the web, falsehoods and lies await us. the spider is an unpleasant animal; one is afraid that it may sting, that it may be poisonous; however, it is considered a harmful animal and many are afraid of it and disgust it, especially those suffering from arachnophobia (the phobia of spiders). Meaning…

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    Dreaming of blood

    Blood is a vital liquid, it is the vital flow that flows in us, in our veins, which gives us warmth and energy. Hardly the dreams in which blood appears are pleasant dreams; the sight of blood creates anxiety and worry. Meaning of blood in dreams: Suffering: both physical and moral Libido, sexual desire Anger Power Love: sacrifice, family ties, fraternity and the covenant Dream of bright red, black, dark bloodIn dreams, bright red blood usually refers to love, to passion; the blood that flows with violence, or that suddenly bursts out, indicates that you are experiencing very intense emotions, difficult to control. Dreaming of dark red, almost black, coagulated…

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    Dreaming of flying

    Dreams about flying are perhaps the most common in the world, widespread among peoples and cultures from our past and present time; Freud also includes them in ‘typical’ dreams. Flying feelings in dreams are often accompanied by the wonder of knowing how to do something so incredible, and then always feeling a profound sense of well-being, freedom and joy.