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    Dream of the devil, Satan

    The meaning of the devil in dreams is linked to the negativity that this figure had and has for the Catholic religion. Dreaming of the devil generally means that someone close to us has the ability to dominate us. The devil also represents our unconscious which we don’t want to hear or accept. He can also represent a considered friend with such a strong personality as to deeply influence the behavior of the dreamer both for good and for bad. The figure of the devil is also linked to sexuality and changes. Devil tempter or deceiver: betrayal of a womanDevil taking away the one who dreams: madness.Devil with horns: infidelity,…

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    Dreaming of thieves

    In the interpretation of dreaming of thieves, it represents our fears, our insecurity and our inability to deal with a problem. All this stems mainly from the fear of getting a failure in front of a company to which we have dedicated all our energies. For women this dream represents the desire to embark on a passionate love story for playful purposes with the sole aim of experiencing new and daring emotions. For a more precise interpretation, we must eventually add the symbolic value of the theft and any stolen object. For example, if it is an animal it represents an unjustified distrust of our abilities. Dreaming of thieves in…

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    Dreaming of Jesus Christ

    Dreaming of Jesus, for most people, always brings good wishes, thinking that they are always good things. Jesus is always seen as a positive symbol, which brings hopes, joys, results. The meaning of dreaming of Jesus can represent the person’s relationship with his religious beliefs, clearly showing whether there is trust in faith or if there are doubts about the supernatural. The dream of Jesus, in general, always represents our personality, what we think and desire, the way in which we fight for the search for our improvement. In many cases, the dream of Jesus can be an invitation to seek self-knowledge, to strengthen our willpower, to mature in our…

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    Dreaming of animals

    Dreaming of animals – meaning of the dream Talking about dreaming of animals in general is something very vague. But all of this makes sense if we look beyond what these represent one by one. These beings live with us in the world, although on many occasions we place many very far away. Animals like giraffes, hippos, zebras, lions, all have a lot to do with humans. Even if we don’t see them daily, dreaming about them can tell us many things that we need to fix in our mind. This is why if we have dreamed of an animal, whatever its type, we must give it the importance it…

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    Dreaming of poop or shit

    They can have a positive meaning, they portend the end of our worries.They can also indicate low self-esteem, a widespread sense of inferiority.If you dream of excrement on the bed, then the excrement heralds an impending divorce.Dreaming of getting dirty clothes or hands with excrement – the positive meaning of the dream is accentuated: Dreaming of stepping on excrement or shit – arrival of money

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    Dreaming of cockroaches

    Nobody likes this animal especially if you dream of it frequently. If you often dream of cockroaches during the night, it means that you have to manage your income and your work more carefully. Dreaming of cockroaches in general warns to beware of friends who will not prove to be such and to pay more attention to health. This animal lives in filth, by analogy it can indicate a dirty relationship with the administration of our business or our relationships and the need to clean up their emotional relationships. Seeing a cockroach in a clean room – unexpected arrival of money. Killing a cockroach: gossips can be unmasked and then…

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    dreaming of graduation or university exams?

    We have seen that exam dreams are recurrent especially in people who have a very developed sense of self-criticism: they self-examine, they self-judge, and are very strict with themselves; nothing is forgiven. They are afraid that others will also judge them with the same severity that they exercise on themselves, so they are afraid of not being up to the situation, of being judged badly by others, of failing. They feel guilty and fear not to be loved if they fail to be successful, recognized, achieved. Furthermore, these dreams, like all those in which school memories are relived, also arise from the nostalgia of one’s youth, in which one did…

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    Dreaming of making an accident

    In this post I will talk mainly about road accidents and in particular about car accidents, which are the most frequent in dreams; the meaning, however, does not change much if we talk about other accidents such as by plane, train , boat, or at work A premonitory dream? The thing that most worries those who dream of an accident is that this could be a premonitory dream; premonitory dreams are very rare, so there is no reason to live this dream badly, even if you would do well to check your car or scooter, for example, if you haven’t done so for a long time. Often our feelings, fears,…

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    Dream about spiders

    What does it mean to dream of a spider? Dreaming of spiders is a fairly common experience. According to popular interpretation, the spider in dreams brings luck, money, earnings; however the ancient interpreters considered the spider to be an unlucky presence in dreams: they said that if he walks on his face he announces misfortune, and if he weaves the web, falsehoods and lies await us. the spider is an unpleasant animal; one is afraid that it may sting, that it may be poisonous; however, it is considered a harmful animal and many are afraid of it and disgust it, especially those suffering from arachnophobia (the phobia of spiders). Meaning…

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    Dreaming of cats

    The cat in dreams is a symbol that can have various meanings, both positive and negative. In fact, this animal is rather elusive and mysterious: wary, sly, ironic, it looks at everything with the detachment of those who know they are self-sufficient. However, he is not a selfish animal, because he knows how to give much affection, but only to those who want him, and when he decides. He is curious, playful, sometimes buff, elegant, a lover of pleasure, comfort and cleanliness. The cat is a philosopher animal: he seems to have understood everything about life, and knows how to enjoy it. Cats were worshiped as sacred animals in ancient…