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    Recipes for Aquarius signs

    Aquarius, the most eccentric sign par excellence. Unpredictable even at the table, he is looking for the latest news or a super-technological tool to help him at home. He prefers simple foods, recipes cooked with love and a pinch of imagination but above all selected company to eat with. And traditional recipes revisited in a modern way are his specialty. The Best Recipes for Your Zodiac Sign: Aquarius Asparagus and Artichokes in White Wine Ingredients: 8 Artichokes 1/2 Lemon 500 gr Asparagus 3 Spoons Extra-virgin olive oil 1 shallot 50 gr Smoked Bacon 1 Glass of Dry White Wine 3 Sodi Ripe San Marzano Tomatoes 1 bunch of basil salt…

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  • FoodZodiac,  Sagittarius

    Recipes for Sagittarius signs

    Sagittarius are always interested in tasting something unique. Sitting at the table for them is a wedding invitation and tasting the unknown is an indispensable challenge. Independent, very sociable, enjoyable and generous, more than by food he is moved by the desire to share the pleasures of the throat. So ice creams, pizzas and large binges will be fine as well as the need to purify yourself to show off a perfect body. The Best Recipes for Your Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius Cuttlefish with Potatoes Ingredients: 8 Cockles 400 gr Clean cuttlefish 200 gr Potatoes 200 gr Celeriac 3 Porcini Mushrooms 1 Clove Garlic 5 cl Vegetable Broth 2 Spoons Dry…

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  • FoodZodiac,  Libra

    Recipes for Libra signs

    The refinement of Libra really has no limits. They will make you happy by candlelight and with strawberries and rivers of bubbles, they will prepare tasty and special dishes while also delighting in taking care of the vegetable garden. They are for exclusive places and, at the same time, for some simple place to eat a platter of cold cuts and delight in the rich rag├╣ of the holidays without worrying too much about calories. The Best Recipes for Your Zodiac Sign: Libra Saffron risotto Ingredients: 400g of rice 2 white onions 2 sachets of saffron beef broth 3 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil salt Grated cheese and butter…

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  • Cancer,  FoodZodiac

    Recipes for Cancer signs

    For Cancers, the family unit traces the way: they are happy in company regardless and are often excellent cooks. They do not prefer exotic dishes but typical ones and what smells of the territory, especially pasta, fish and cheeses. The Best Recipes for Your Zodiac Sign: Cancer Pumpkin beans ingredients: 700 g of cooked beans (drained weight) with a little of their cooking water, or 3 cans of beans 1 kg pumpkin 3 white or golden onions 6 cloves of garlic thyme pepper salt 3 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil Preparation: Clean the onion, garlic and pumpkin. cut the pumpkin into cubes. Fry the sliced onion and chopped garlic…

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  • FoodZodiac,  Gemini

    Recipes for Gemini signs

    the Gemini are the most curious, eating is an excuse to be at the center of chatting with other guests, even more so if unknown. If they are alone they are not having fun and then it will not be only the food that makes them sit at the table but also the desire to find out who they are in front of; and if you find them in the kitchen, you will win the desire to experiment. The pizza, however, remains one of the favorite dishes even if we are passionate about good food. The Best Recipes for Your Zodiac Sign: Gemini Chicken breasts in wine Ingredients: 500 g…

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