The animal symbol of fertility and the earth, is the representative of this Sign, which governs a well-established period of the spring year. The days are long, the air is mild, nature is in bloom; any gray days are only a short break that does not hinder the now safe path towards summer. Earth Sign, Fixed (corresponding to the middle of spring), Taurus is a solid, constant, coherent Sign. The native of Taurus is physically resilient, patient and persistent in pursuing his goals. Foresight and practical sense, he makes decisions slowly, he knows how to meditate, in order to be able to evaluate all aspects of the case. Even in learning he is slow, methodical and able to concentrate; in this way he is able to assimilate what he learns well and to move forward, expanding his wealth of knowledge. This is why he knows how to build something important with method and gradualness in his work.
Concrete and realistic, he tends to be conservative, and to remain tied to the family of origin. He is a little afraid of the new and prefers to go on beaten paths. Ambitious and attached to material things, he tends to be a bit selfish. He is introverted and tends not to show his feelings; however deep down he is easily irritable, and at times this side comes out with impetuous or excessive reactions. In social relations he is peaceful and gentle, amiable and affectionate. The rare times he gets angry, however, it is good to turn away. He tends to be vindictive and not to forget the wrongs he has suffered. In love life it tends to be instinctive. He is passionate, possessive and jealous. His modesty leads him not to open easily; in the approach he is introverted. Ruled by Venus, who in this Sign is a symbol of fertility and contact with nature, the native of Taurus is vulnerable to the temptations of the flesh. She is sensual, loves the outdoors and the pleasures of the table. He is greedy and risks getting fat. He is lazy and loves comforts and conveniences; gives importance to money as the basis for the safety and comfort of life.

The Taurus man

The Taurus man is patient and hard worker. Aware of his own possibilities, he loves difficult tasks, which he carries out methodically, sure to reach the goal. Physically he is strong and succeeds in heavy sports. He is a gourmet and prefers tasty and healthy foods; he remembers the places where he ate well, and loves to return regularly. He is gifted for the arts and in particular for music. He can be a good friend, but he doesn’t like people who complain and don’t get busy, because he can solve problems on his own. In the approach with the partner he is cautious and introverted, and he needs time. However, she is sensual and tends to immediately fall in love with a beautiful woman. When the relationship is established, it is reliable and loving, even if a little predictable. He loves to pamper and spoil his partner, he doesn’t forget anniversaries and he is generous. He is capable of giving affection and concreteness also to his children. He likes to dominate and be heard. Either way, he wants his flaws to be tolerated. He is jealous and cannot stand infidelity. Due to its omnipresence it can be a bit stifling for the partner. If the relationship shows signs of letting up, he is stubborn and can’t stand the idea of ​​it ending.

The Taurus woman

Compared to the man, the Taurus woman is more outgoing and relaxed; sometimes she is a bit impulsive. The influence of Venus makes her beautiful and charming, and even a little flirtatious. She loves jewelry and has good taste in dressing. However, he remains basically a serious, concrete person, capable of fulfilling himself in work and in the family. For her, money is important, she is prudent and does not like to waste. She is reserved and does not like to let her problems be known. He shows himself in good shape even if he is not well. She is affectionate and loves to spoil and pamper her partner. In general, she likes to do something for others. She likes flirting, but she doesn’t go all the way so as not to have complications and not to ruin the relationship with her partner. After all, she is jealous and could not bear that her partner was unfaithful. She loves nature, and she likes to cultivate a garden or house plants, as well as transform and beautify things; she is a perfect hostess. She likes to collect small objects and knick-knacks. When choosing a gift, he tends to focus on utility and practicality. In difficult and complicated situations he knows how to find in himself reserve forces thanks to which to move forward and solve problems, sooner or later.

The first decade

Those born in the first decade of the Sign have Venus as their personal reference Planet, which therefore has a doubled power, making the native persevering, vital and strong-willed. In general, therefore, it is a positive influence, which gives calmness of character, sociability and constancy in relationships, and also love for nature and for beauty in general. However, a certain constancy is also revealed in the antipathies. Towards loved ones, there is a tendency to be generous and willing to give help and protection. There is also a tendency to love luxury and a comfortable, comfortable life.

The second decade

Those born in the second decade of the Sign have Mercury as their personal Planet. The planet closest to the Sun and the fastest in the Solar System is the symbol of rationality and the desire for knowledge. It gives the ability to observe things, to learn and to remember, making the already predisposed native of Taurus, even more capable of studying and learning methodically. It helps to be prudent and to make wise decisions, and makes versatile and wise in different situations. The dialectical skills and the desire for written and oral communication are strong. Psycho-motor coordination is also favored by this Planet.

The third decade

Those born in the third decade of the Sign have Saturn as their personal Planet, the Planet of constancy, perseverance, the ability to reach goals through self-discipline and willpower. Saturn induces patience and prudence. Linked to the most important stages and trials of life, Saturn is the Planet of destiny. By overcoming difficult tests, it also renders magnanimous in spirit and wise. The Bull is already patient and persistent; thanks to Saturn, he can become more capable of enduring difficult situations, of accepting sacrifice and renunciation to achieve a goal; it can also be less instinctive in love life.