The number one

The warrior

Number of initiatives and inner aspirations, but also the number of the sun as a source of life, regulator of all the phenomena of the Earth. It is also the number of beginnings in all areas of life such as clear water which represents the primary vital element. It is also the number of fate and fatality, of greeting and reverence; represents the beginning of something, like everything you need to light the fire. Also the animals considered “magic” by tradition, such as the crocodile and the swan, are connected to this number. Also the index finger of the hand is connected to this number

the One is par excellence the number from which an idea flourishes, and represents the strength in pursuing enterprising personal initiatives. This characteristic leads the individual to face and overcome the obstacles scattered along his path with determination and courage. A consequence of this will be a high predisposition to experiment, to make mistakes and retrace one’s steps, due to the constant and strenuous search for perfectibility. Prominent features of the number one are individualism, independence and the will to assert themselves. The motto of the number one is: I am I and I always want to be myself.

The number One is characterized by a personality and a charisma that makes it a true leader capable of actions that can produce great changes in the state of evolution for all of humanity. If in the person identified with the number one lacking will power and spirit of initiative, the result will be to identify the various failures that present themselves as an unchangeable objective reality. This usually happens in the first stages of growth of people characterized by this number but can become true masters in the art of calibrating the willpower with being able to reach a certain goal.

The energy of the number 1 is critical in all situations in which we must learn to defend ourselves and our borders or protect someone from threats and aggression. Conscious of its strength, the number 1 gives much weight to the image of itself projected to the outside and shows embarrassment for its mistakes. He cannot bear to receive orders and a deep desire for freedom leads him, becoming a pioneer of new initiatives and projects.


In its shadow aspect the Warrior becomes the Rebel who can become excessively hard, rigid, lover of competition and victory at any cost. It tends to judge, rationalize and separate what is considered a sign of weakness. In effect, this accusing the world hides a profound insecurity and search for recognition of one’s own value, above all from the masculine (father, authority, work …). The main challenge is self-esteem and personal power. The Rebel will oscillate between attitudes of discouragement and helplessness avoiding any responsibility convinced of not being able to make it, to try to be a leader at all costs up to arriving at excesses of presumption. Confuses a request for an imposition while it hardly accepts the vulnerability that confuses with weakness.