The properties of the blue color

Symbol of harmony and balance, as well as calm, the color Blue has the power to relax bringing balance to the emotional sphere. It also conveys a certain sensitivity, leading the individual to be more vulnerable to external “attacks”.

This color has the ability to normalize heart rate and pressure. It has the tendency, therefore, to make the body relax and to remove the sense of anxiety.

Those who prefer this color are individuals with profound feelings. It appears to be calm and with a strong ability to find one’s inner balance. He is a person who makes ideals his winning weapon and finds stability thanks to his attachment to traditions.

The person who loves the Blue color tends to avoid particularly chaotic environments and angry people.

The person who rejects this color is usually anxious and feels that his qualities are not appreciated. It avoids all the situations that make his life unrewarding. Not only. Reject all the environments in which you don’t feel in harmony. It tends to get depressed if all that surrounds it is not in keeping with its way of seeing and the lifestyle that it has imagined for itself.