The properties of the green color

Green is the color of nature and vegetation; it is associated with youth, adolescence, freshness, hope, optimism, newness. In reference to the earth, it indicates fertility and abundance.

Green is the color of envy and anger

Green is associated with the idea of ‘security’ (for example, in traffic lights).

Green is also metaphorically connected to the idea of poverty

Green is the symbolic color of Ireland and Islam. In Roman times it was the color associated with the goddess Venus.

Green is the color of the kingdom of Oz in the novel “The Wizard of Oz”.

Green can be a color associated with negative sensations: green is mold, which recalls the idea of bad food; the poison is often represented as a green substance; green can inspire slimy sensations; a certain shade of green is commonly called ‘rotten green’.

There are various shades of green:

Lime, teal, light green, harlequin, spring, office, pear, celadon, moss, marsh, asparagus, jade, Persian, grass, clover, olive green, Islam green, camouflage, olive, marine, forest, Verona, fern, cinnabar, pine, emerald.

The green color in dreams:

Generally, in dreams the green color represents the balance between the extroversion of the warmer colors and the introversion of the colder colors; stimulates feelings of peace, love, brotherhood, sharing, empathy. It is also the color of self-esteem and self-confidence.

If green appears in your dreams, it may indicate that:

  • you need to realize yourself, to be independent;
  • you need to affirm yourself socially, to be considered important;
  • you need to increase your self-esteem and feel more secure;
  • you want to withdraw into yourself;
  • you need more money.