The properties of the red color

Red is the color of love, feeling, passion and sexual excitement. It is associated with carnality, impetus, energy, fury, vitality. It is also the color of celebration, of joy, of victory, of honors. Red among Christians is the color of the Passion of Jesus, of martyrdom. According to the Hindus, red symbolizes the primordial forces of nature and creativity.

In the Christian sphere, red is the color of sin, of the fire of hell and the devil.

Red is an exciting color because it stimulates the central nervous system, increasing heart rate and pressure.

Red is the color of blood and war; it is the color of anger and ferocity, of fury, of instinct, of attack (“seeing red”).

In bullfighting, the bull is provoked with a red cloth.

Red is the color of fire and recalls the idea of ​​warmth.

The red color attracts attention and is used to represent the danger, the prohibition, the alarm: it is often present in road signs, in emergency lights, in warning lights

Purple red represents power, authority, ambition, pride, dignity, triumph, honors.

There are various shades of red:

Falun red, garnet, burgundy, carmine, sangria, amaranth, brick, cardinal red, Venetian red, Persia red, terra cotta, chestnut, cherry, coral, pomegranate, scarlet, vermilion, alizarin, crimson, rust, Corsican red, purple . Pink is also a shade of red.

Meaning of red color in dreams:

If red appears in your dreams, it may have these meanings:

  • you want freedom, you want to live life to the full, you want to have fun, distract yourself, you need to escape;
  • you feel vital, active, energetic, creative; you feel strong, ready to act, ready to win; or you have to gather all your energy to react and come back to life.
  • experience emotions of anger, frustration, confusion, violence, destruction, revenge, rebellion and impulsiveness.
  • you have sexual urges and desires to satisfy.