The properties of the white color

White is a positive color; it is associated with ideas of purity, cleanliness, innocence, candor, naivety, virginity, marriage, light, splendor, simplicity and goodness. White can be a non-positive color when it is perceived as cold, monotonous, aseptic, devoid of emotion.

White is the color of snow, milk, ice and the North Pole. It is associated with the ideas of cold and Christmas. White is the color that is worn in summer, when it is very hot, because it repels sunlight.

White is who is albino: it recalls the idea of ​​rarity, of exceptionality. Bianca is the whale of the famous Melville novel.

White can visually represent space, emptiness, detachment.

These shades of white exist: white zinc, titanium, ivory, navajo.

The white color in dreams

White, along with black, is one of the most frequently dreamed colors. In dreams the white color, the absence of color or color, the pallor, the discolored appearance could be connected with the idea of ​​death. It can also be death in a figurative sense: for example, the end of a relationship, the end of a project, the end of a period).

Dreaming white can also have to do with new experiences you are doing; maybe you’re going through a period of change, transformation, maturation. It can also have to do with these feelings:

  • you feel pure and innocent;
  • you feel open and tolerant;
  • you feel unprepared;
  • you feel lonely, isolated;
  • you feel cold, distant, sterile;
  • you miss something.