The properties of the yellow color

The properties of the yellow color

The yellow color is connected to sunlight. The yellow in dreams is the color of intuition, of the intelligence that penetrates things in depth, of the reasoning that dispels the darkness and that clarifies what was previously obscure and confused.

Yellow is the color of gold, of radiance, friendship and generosity. It is also the color of pure divinity, of immortality.

Yellow is the color that warns of possible dangers and invites caution and caution: it is often used in signs and warning signs.

The dark yellow represents perfidy, avarice, jealousy, betrayal and sin.

Saffron yellow among Buddhists represents humility, renunciation and lack of desire.

There are various shades of yellow:

Chartreuse, Lemon, Corn, Mustard, Cadmium Yellow, School Bus Yellow, Gold Yellow, Metallic Gold, Alive Gold, Saffron Yellow, Selective Yellow, Solidago, Pastel Yellow, Light Yellow, Dark Yellow, Yellow Ocher.

The yellow color in dreams

The yellow color in dreams expresses the desire to restore order to chaos, to better understand reality, to analyze details with a critical spirit, to expand one’s knowledge. It can indicate that you are looking for a solution to your problems.

This color often appears in the dreams of anxious people, who need to dispel their worries and fears.

Yellow is connected to the abstract idea of health and physical well-being