August 23 – September 22

Virgo is a late summer sign, mobile (that is, belonging to the end of the season), relating to a generally bright period, in which the scorching heat has given way to pleasant, calm, placid days. The days are getting shorter and this portends the arrival of autumn. It is a time of harvests, and also of taking stock and reflecting. Virgo women and men reflect the period in which they were born, and are therefore reflective, moderate, rational. Earth sign, and therefore solid, down to earth, Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the Planet of intelligence. The native of the Virgin does not like exaggeration, but has a sense of limit, is led to choose according to the Aristotelian principle of the right medium. He knows his own worth and adjusts himself accordingly, not letting himself go to fancy flights but not even to discouragement and depression.
He loves order and cleanliness, and he doesn’t want things to be uncertain and confused; this betrays a certain inner instability, and he must be careful not to turn this tendency into a mania. He also tends to be a little too interested in the facts of others, perhaps to judge their righteousness and respect for morals. He therefore risks being too rigid in his judgments and too puritanical. In studying and working he is methodical, punctual: homework doesn’t scare him; on the other hand, he has a sense of duty. He needs his work to be recognized, but only in its proper value, and therefore does not like to be unnecessarily praised and flattered. Endowed with a sense of sacrifice, he loves to feel useful and does not like to command: he risks being even submissive. His sense of perfection and moral rectitude lead him to try to improve himself, to broaden his culture, to grow spiritually. But sometimes he is a bit smart, and he can be a liar. Gifted with practical sense, he does not like to get lost in fantasy and metaphysics. He is afraid of head shots, overly charismatic people and impulsive gestures. You risk being too uncertain when it comes to making a decision. He is a little touchy and suffers when treated like a fool. In love there is the risk of creating problems for excessive self-control and critical sense.

The Virgo man

Virgo man is humble, kind, maternal and selfless. He loves children and animals, and is a sweet and understanding father. When the children grow up, however, it becomes a bit pedantic and possessive. Careful in dressing, he is neither passionate nor sentimental, and his somewhat indifferent and intellectual attitude makes him attractive. He doesn’t fall in love easily, but when he does he is capable of devotion and sacrifice. He wishes to live in a stable relationship, but sometimes difficulties and problems of misunderstanding can arise with him. For this it would be good if he looked for a partner similar to him. However, being a little restless, he could indulge in escapades or extramarital affairs. He is traditionalist and gifted with a critical sense, and sometimes risks being too controversial with those who do not respect the rules. But he is also calculating and can be mean at times. As a worker he is appreciated for his consistency and accuracy. Creative and introverted, he tends to live in a world of his own. It risks being too influential and submissive. He loves to accumulate money, even if he is not stingy.

The Virgo woman

Cold, stern and charming, she can arouse some fear and even dislike, and she risks being left alone. Those who learn to know it will appreciate its qualities. Intelligent and sensitive, she loves helping others and is able to bring order to the lives of loved ones and partner. She is capable of analyzing the reality and behavior of others, and is therefore a good counselor. He loves order and cleanliness, and usually keeps the house in perfect order. Simple in manner and moderate in gestures, she does not like to be the center of attention. She is shy and tends to censor herself, and also to blame herself that she doesn’t have. In love affairs he is more cerebral than passionate. In a slightly unstable mood, he needs security. Sometimes he tends to complain about economic or health issues. Her excessive self-control leads her to stifle her desires and vital impulses: she should learn to let go. It is necessary for the partner to realize that even if they may not show it, she needs to receive affection and love.

The first decade

Those born in the first decade of the Sign have Mercury as their personal reference Planet, and have therefore strengthened the tendency to know how to evaluate reality with moderation and rationality, to make informed decisions while remaining down to earth, and also to want to expand their knowledge . The desire and the ability to communicate and psycho-motor skills are also strong. It is necessary to pay attention to any negative aspects of the planet, which could lead the native to misuse his own rationality, with the risk of becoming a hypercritical inquisitor, a simulator, or a cunning exploiter.

The second decade

Those born in the second decade of the Sign have Saturn as their personal reference Planet, which makes the already concrete and rational native of Virgo even more patient, precise, thoughtful and capable of perseverance in pursuing their goals. The result will be a rational, logical, even somewhat ascetic character, capable of sacrifices and renunciations, but also of growing over time, slowly but constantly, in order to acquire more and more experience and wisdom. Such a character will be well-liked and appreciated; however, he would do well every now and then to let go and rediscover the childish, playful and passionate sense of things.

The third decade

Those born in the third decade of the Sign have Venus as their personal reference Planet, which influences the ability of gestural communication, while Mercury, the planet ruler of the Sign, influences verbal communication. The natives of the decade are therefore particularly capable of communicating. Venus also confers a little more inner stability to the natives of Virgo, in affections but also in other things in life, since the influence of the Planet of love and beauty makes the native more persevering, vital and strong-willed, it gives calmness of character and sociability, and love for nature and beauty in general. Towards others, there is a tendency to be generous, and to have magnanimity of character.